Lake Michigan

What an amazing world we live in. What an amazing place this planet is. How lucky are we that we could imagine this voyage, manifest it, and live this sovereign dream out while discovering places that our imaginations never imagined so well? The timing of this all is no coincidence. Stepping out of the matrix at the exact moment we did, when we were focusing on being away from the every day world, out in nature, experiencing freedom and focusing on improving our health. Out here, not only on Lake Michigan, but all the waters, harbors and places along the way, we are a little closer to God.

Great Manitou Island

So, here we are on day three of the second leg, second “half”, of completing the Great Loop. We spent our first night on our anchor in an unbelievable place, Round Lake, just up a short river opening and one draw bridge from Lake Michigan in Charlevoix, MI. It is literally a round lake that is surrounded by beautiful homes, boat houses and a small but bustling town. We had to drop the anchor in 30 feet of water because the overall depth is between 50 and 150 feet. While it’s less than ideal to anchor in 30 feet of water, it worked out beautifully with a light breeze and a tremendously starry night.

An image from Round Lake.
A “mushroom house” on Round Lake.

Listening to the forecast for the next few days, it was clear things were about to change. We took advantage of a brief window of good marine weather to leave early in the morning and travel as far as we could comfortably travel to the next safe harbor marina in Leland, Michigan. What a profound work of nature it is! Surrounded by Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and the Manitou Islands, we could not have asked for a more stunning sanctuary to ride out the 30mph winds that having been blowing all day. Over the bow and over the breakwater we can see the white caps. Irene is being pushed hard into the dock and we have been checking lines and adjusting fenders all day. After a heavy morning rain we walked to a local coffee shop (confession, I had hot chocolate) and enjoyed the work of local painters. It was good to get off the boat and feel the solid and unmoving ground under our feet.

Morning rain in Leland Harbor and the most beautiful sailboat, Songtao, in her slip.
Walking in Leland ⛪️
Windy day view from Irene. Van’s Beach, Leland, Ic

David and I have faced a lot of tense moments throughout this journey, I won’t lie, from start to now. Some I have mentioned in this blog and some that we simply went through. We all know what those feelings are like, we recognized them, but those experiences also make us who we are. Our progress depends on us. The last few days have given me hope for our species. I believe if we can raise our collective frequency more and more, even though life is challenging and sometimes, even often uncomfortable, it is up to us to raise ourselves up. I believe fear is a weak frequency and unless you’re being confronted by a tiger or something deadly, let it go. Fear doesn’t serve us and takes the wonder out of being alive because fear likes to hang out in the unknown and if we stop at the fear, we won’t go anywhere! Paul Selig says, fears job is like a virus or cancer, to replicate itself. He says, “prudence, not fear”. David and I wouldn’t be here if we didn’t realize this. We can’t be victims and creators at the same time~~~

Be thoughtful, be careful, be mindful, be brave, be grateful. Our thoughts and our actions make the moment we are in and they determine the future. Bless everything in the eternal now. Bless everything and it blesses you back in ways you haven’t even imagined yet. Broken record blog writer here, but I’m going to say it again, it’s a reflective universe.

Ok readers. I gotta go shout “I am free, I am free, I am free” from the bow of the boat.

The view of the Mackinaw Bridge from the bow (aka the upper room).

6 thoughts on “Lake Michigan

  1. kathyyost01

    Great update! Glad you are on the second leg of your adventure. Nature has a way of drawing us closer to GOD.❤️ You have always been a very special, spiritual person and I am glad to hear you are hearing HIS voice.

    Love your blogs and updates. I marvel at your courage and strength. My blessing for you continues to be calm water, warm breezes, strength and love. Looking forward to seeing you in person and hearing the tales that you both have to tell.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    All my love, Kathy❤️

    Sent from my iPad


    1. betheship Post author

      💜 So good to hear from you! I guessed you’d missed my last entry because you always check in. Thanks for your loving support xoxo Safe travels to you and George!

  2. Wendy McGrath

    Love you madly, dear ones! I’m going to carry your courage around with me in the hopes that it either rubs off on me or, more likely, serves as a timely reminder to be brave and to trust that love will hold us all. ❤️😘😘


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