Living Aboard Irene

Our first cruise: Florida’s southwest coast

People ask me what daily life is like living on a boat, in such a small space. Irene is 32′ by 12′ and makes for some interesting spacial problem solving scenarios. She also makes for some coziness and comfort with her well appointed galley and teak throughout.

Making coffee at sunrise in Savannah.

Dressing For the Weather

There are two temperatures on the boat so far, hot and cool. Hot includes humidity, and so does cool. Raincoats, shoes that can get wet and dry well (and don’t slide around) are essentials. Go to for hot days is almost always a tshirt. Black, white and gray is my spectrum 🖤

I purchased a shirt coat when we’re at Baldhead Island because my fisherman’s sweater was too hot and my hooded shell was too light. This is my new go-to piece. Haha- I only have two drawers and half a hanging locker so if my go-toing is limited. Highly recommend y’all get a big, soft, warm shirt with lots of pockets! Game changer.

☝🏽The piece.