We Are Here!

At the tip of the mitten ✋🏽
  • Day 142
  • 400 hours underway
  • 3000 miles traveled
  • 12 states
  • countless rivers and creeks

We are about to cross the Straights of Mackinaw and officially say “good bye” to Lake Huron and “hello” to Lake Michigan. From the Detroit River all the way north, this section of the loop has been big and beautiful! Big like Montana sky big. Big like an ocean! And the eastern shore line of Michigan is a remote wilderness with white sand beaches for miles and miles and evergreen trees like those that grow in Nova Scotia. Its a place that inspires aweness.

Rogers City breakwater.

The weather here is big too, like when its blowing 10+ on Lake Huron the waves come up fast and every couple of seconds! A little bit of west in the wind brings some protection from the land, but certainly don’t count on it because its too powerful to accurately predict. Here, the forecast and the actual weather, rarely agree. We have had five foot waves crashing over our bow and we have seen relative calm. This place has taught us a lot and has definitely earned our respect. This morning we walked down on the beach looking towards Bois Blanc Island and the Mackinaw Bridge and reveled in the grandness of it all. If I had more time with my phone in hand and planfulness about documenting this section of the loop, you would be seeing dozens of images of light houses, big ships, expansive waters, multidimensional clouds and waves on the water. This morning’s imaginary pictures include the gorgeous fruit and vegetables at the Cheybogan Farmers Market, the beach pines and a fun video of me zipping along the trails from the harbor into town.

Everything is energy.

Lake Michigan is bound to bring new challenges and new lessons in life. Personally, I am learning to not be separate from the essence of things. This requires being fully present in every moment. You bring everything in and welcome it. That, my friends, is love. Presence is unburdened by old stories and doesn’t need to worry about the future. I hope you find yourself in your own presence and realize the profound being you are at heart.

Me time for David.
Profile like Santiago, from The Old Man and the Sea.
One last look at Lake Huron ☀️🤟🏽

5 thoughts on “We Are Here!

  1. Wendy McGrath

    These posts make me cry! So beautiful. So truthful. So abundantly coming from, residing in, giving and expressing love and reverence. Thank you ❤

  2. perkks

    Beautiful pictures! I hope Lake Michigan welcomes you with great weather and positive experiences ♥️
    David looks so handsome – love the haircut. I pray he is feeling as well as he looks.
    Miss you. Love, Patty

    1. betheship Post author

      Hi! Some big waves but mostly great so far. Second harbor tonight, Leland, Michigan. It’s beautiful. David looks great. Good days and bad days but both are better on a boat 💕 love you xoxo


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