These pages hold thoughts, stories and reflections from my view along the way. It began as a blog where I wrote for 40 days and became place to chronicle my husband, David, and my journey around the US’ interconnected waterways. There is also a page for sharing heart centered thoughts, from (and for) my coaching work with educators.

this is us

“Be the ship” is a mantra that began when I was the head teacher at UVM’s campus school. We realized that in order for our practices to be in alignment with our passions, we had to be creators. No one person, theory, or place, was going to be our sole inspiration or salvation. And, no one could do the work for us. In other words, we had to not only steer the ship, but “be the ship”. And so it is.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Douglas Dulac

    Hi… I finally located your blog address on my web computer. I’ll check on you daily now. DDD


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