July 6 – July 11, 2021: Family Time

It has been an interesting six days. We were joined by two of our grandchildren, Ronin & Leda, at Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore and enjoyed an afternoon and evening together celebrating Ronin’s 11th birthday and preparing to complete our northbound travels on the Hudson to enter the next long phase of this journey and travel across the Erie Canal.

Ronin. This is 11 😍Enjoying the pool at SHM on a humid evening.
Leda. This is 9 ❤️ Carefree and joyful.

We departed late morning on the 7th and had a beautiful day heading up through the little towns, through Albany and through our first Lock, the Troy Federal Lock or Lock 1 for both the Champlain and Erie Canals. We made it through without issue and headed west to Waterford and we were very fortunate to find a place along the free town wall at the entrance to Lock 2, where we could tie up for the night. It was super hot and humid. There were downpours and sun and it rained all night but every moment was an adventure with the two littles onboard!

Free wall adventures.
Another boat from North Hero on the wall in front of us. Nice people creating their own dreams.

Thursday morning we entered the Erie Canal in a light rain. Eventually, it was a strong downpour followed by off and on showers. It took us seven hours to pass through nine more locks in the Mohawk River as we made our way to Riverlink Park’s boat wall in Amsterdam, NY (about a mile from lock 11). We were wet, sore, grateful and ready to relax. Ronin’s help through the locks was much appreciated and he learned a lot. The current was strong and the water was very high due to recent rains upstream and his help grabbing lock lines and holding the stern off the wall was a blessing and his excitement warmed the day. Leda helped David upfront a couple of times at his request, but mostly she reminded us of Emma that age- nose in a book, hunkered down in the cabin.

First mates!
Lock 4 (I believe). Photo by Ronin.
Leda in the pilot house.
Good at the wheel, which reminded us of Anna as a little.

We intended to stay at Amsterdam for one night and continue up the river and through a half dozen or so more locks on Friday, but the weather wasn’t having it. The locks closed while excess water was released from the upstream dams, increasing the current, raising the water level and sending large debris (mainly logs) our way. Amsterdam wall for a second night, but the kids were not disappointed as they’re seen posters for a festival on Saturday at the park to raise money for western New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. Not a hardship by any means.

IRENE on the wall in Amsterdam.
At the Make-A-Wish event. Leda throws a dunk like a pro!
Almost 😅
Out for a walk.
Being a kid 🌈
Ugh. Not what boaters like to see 😅

Owen, Dakota and their puppy, Nardo, arrived to take Ro and Leda home last night. They carried armfuls of produce, cheese, wine and beer for us. The kids were sunburned, tired and excited to see them (especially Nardo)!

This pic was posted by Dakota last night and I copied it here to remember how little Nardo was at four months because he’s going to be pony sized when we meet again.

It’s Sunday morning, July 11th, and here David and I still sit on the wall In Amsterdam. There’s a 100% chance of rain later today and tomorrow. While we would much prefer moving and continuing on our way, we’re accepting this challenge to be still and reflect on all we have and to imagine and create a beautiful vision for the future. We are showered with love and we give thanks. 🕊

PS: be light of heart ❤️

5 thoughts on “July 6 – July 11, 2021: Family Time

  1. Wendy McGrath

    What an amazing adventure for all of you!! LOVE the pictures. I can’t believe how grown up Ronin looks! Both of them are beautiful–just like the rest of the the family! Love you TONS!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. kathyyost01

    So happy you got to enjoy the kids and they got to have a true life adventure with you both!The weather has been a challenge today summer nationally!  Mother Nature is in charge.  Love your updates!  Love you both.♥️♥️♥️

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