Time Between Segments of Travel

We decided to sit out the 4th of July holiday at a marina and leave the river for the weekend warriors and all the folks traveling to see fireworks in Albany and beyond. It turned out to be a productive decision and we accomplished a lot of projects we hadn’t undertaken for one reason or another like cleaning the hull, taking care of the teak, cleaning out the main bilge, and more. We have been staying at Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore, NY. This place is the last full service marina before heading to the Erie Canal and trust me, they are total full service. They filled our propane, replaced our windshield wipers, filled a flat fender, filled us up with diesel, pumped us out and more. They have a really nice store and a great restaurant and bar, The Sunset Grille. We reconnected with a couple of folks we met in Fort Meyers, before we left on the Loop. We also met five other couples who are at various stages of completing the loop. I love this place. It’s the boonies and it’s not~~~

Yesterday, we borrowed the marina’s courtesy car and I drove David to Albany to pick up a rental so he could go to Burlington for some physician appointments and take care of other business. This afternoon I will drive back to Albany and pick him up and he will be bringing two of our grandchildren back with him. Ronin and Leda will be joining us for a few days to experience a little bit of life on the river and a few legs of the Erie Canal.

That’s the update for now. Recharged, refueled and all cleaned up for the next leg of this journey. There are 57 locks on the Erie Canal and a lot of current and that promises to be a big workout. Peace.


Looking north on the dock at Shady Harbor Marina, New Baltimore, NY
Looking south down the river at Shady Harbor Marina.
Hudson River view from the dock.

2 thoughts on “Time Between Segments of Travel

  1. kathyyost01

    Glad you had a great place for the 4th!  It will be so nice to have the kids with you for a few days!  They will be soooo impressed!  I am so I am so I’m pressed that you have pushed on, over come your anxieties, grown and seen so many new and different places.  Fllowng the road would not have taken you here. All my love!  Stay safe.

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