5/22 – 5/26: Pawley Island, SC & Bald Head Island, NC

From the creek at the Romain Refuge we headed out with no one particular anchorage in mind. We had decided to go as long as we were enjoying the ride and all. We made it to Georgetown SC and based on the smell from the paper mill, we pressed on. We continued up the river to the Pawley Island mile marker area and 6 hours and approximately 40 nautical miles after departing in the morning, we pulled way up into Schooner Creek to drop our anchor for the night. Lots of local fisherman came by, right up ‘til dark. David had hurt his knee and rested.

Schooner Creek

5/22: We left early to take advantage of the tide and current and intended to make it a short cruising day and stop along the many small anchorage spots along the Waccama River. But, spot after spot looked like a swamp and the day was so beautiful that we kept going until we hit Myrtle Beach or should I say, it hit us? Myrtle Beach was narrow, busy, filled with jet skis and waves. David’s leg was starting to throb and we had no choice but to continue out of the busiest area we’d seen yet.

After 7 hours and approximately 50 nautical miles we reached, literally, the only place to anchor since we’d decided to skip the Waccama swamps; anchoring at the intersection of the Little River in SC, and the Calabash River of North Carolina. To tell the truth, it was a lot disconcerting. There was a shrimp boat aground on the rocks gunning the engines to get off, there were abandoned boats trashed from hurricanes Isieous (sp?)in 2020 and a ton of big boat traffic in and out of the inlet.

Not pretty

There’s a lot more to say but I’m running out of time. Going to save the story from Calabash to Bald Had Island , NC for later. That’s where we are now and have been for three days, Bald Head Island. Nursing a bad knee and restoring our inner reserves. 🎏✌🏽

A view of Irene from Old Baldy Lighthouse.

5 thoughts on “5/22 – 5/26: Pawley Island, SC & Bald Head Island, NC

  1. kathyyost01

    Great to catch up with you♥️ Sorry about David’s knee I know how that can impact you🙄. I expect your traffic will continue to build up the east coast. Enjoy your days. Good luck. Love your posts.

    See you soon.♥️♥️♥️♥️


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  2. kathyyost01

    I hope you are handling the heat! Thank you for great update! Hope David’s knee is feeling better. Is you wine holing up?

    Safe travels.❤️❤️❤️

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  3. perkks

    Brave sole’s- hope David is feeling better. Hope you got a chance to relax. Think about you every day. ♥️
    Love, Patty


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