Bald Head Island, NC to Mile Hammock Bay, NC

Three nights at the BHI Marina were helpful for a few reasons. We saw family (yay), I was able to stock up on a few things and do laundry, I was able to ride my bike a lot, and David was able to rest and read and plot charts with his devices. All the same, very happy to get on our way yesterday morning and feel the boat moving and the wind and sun on our bodies.


A strip of Wrightsville Beach, NC

The wind came up from the southeast in the afternoon and started blowing 15-20 knots so we were very limited in where we could anchor (and the ICW is very limited regardless of the wind)! We ended up traveling for 9 hours- our longest day yet. We had the tide against us half the time, and vise versa, so our average speed was approximately 7 knots an hour for about a 69 mile day, concluding on a windy but not wavey, anchorage at Mile Hammock Bay. Newsflash- this bay is near the marine base, Camp Lejeune. The marines were out ‘til midnight pretending we were under attack by invisible enemies and it was bizarre and awful for this pacifist. David rather was, “so what” ing their antics. They were firing fake machine guns with smoke that sounded real. There were helicopters and it was loud!!!!

That’s a marine boat ⬆️

This morning we are up with the sun. Coffee, fruit, and get the hell outta here kind of day 😂 Amen.

4 thoughts on “Bald Head Island, NC to Mile Hammock Bay, NC

  1. kathyyost01

    Great update!  So nice to catch up with your days!  Glad you had a few days rest.  Hugs for smooth sailing.♥️♥️

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  2. Douglas

    I just accessed Google Earth and went up the inter coastal & east coast , up the Hudson, into Canada, and down to the Great Lakes….. very interesting diverse waterways. When do you think you will hit the Canadian border? DDD

    1. betheship Post author

      We don’t have a timeline and if the border doesn’t open, we go Erie Canal.
      We’d love to be at Mackinaw Island in August!!


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