Auntie Irene & Uncle Percy

Irene Vivian Ogden was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on September 2nd, 1902. She was an outstanding person; kind, empathic, positive, clairvoyant, and always smiling. She loved stories, tea, sweets, visitors, family and the symbolism of “praying hands”. I loved my visits with her in East Burke, Vermont, and later, after she and Uncle Percy moved to Vergennes, Vermont. She died in the summer of 1984. I took my infant son, Owen, with me to her humble funeral and burial in Bridport, VT. I always thought I’d name a daughter after her, but I never did. This Nordic Tug however; it’s all Irene. Sturdy, handsome, classic and part of the family.

“Irene” (the name) is derived from ”Eirene”, the Greek goddess who personified peace. She was one of the deities of the seasons, goddess of spring, and one of the keepers of the gates of heaven. So, anyway you look at it, our little boat got a special name. A boat name has to be uttered, said out loud, a lot when you are underway for hailing purposes and “Irene” is near perfect. “Irene, Irene, Irene”. ❤️

PS: here are some boat names we’ve seen or heard on the radio lately that are less fortunate- Dirty Dolly, Sexy Phil, Sex Sea Lady, Loaded Biscuit, Aquaholic, Money Hole, and Yes Dear, to name a few. 😜

4 thoughts on “Irene

  1. Wendy McGrath

    Love Irene and everything about her name, and what she is to you and David. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. betheship Post author

      Love you! We will be staying in St. Michaels, MD, in a couple of weeks and you are all invited for a visit!! Details to follow, soon 😻


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