today i am a maple donut

if we are what we eat then today i am about to become a maple cream filled donut from Madeline’s Bake Shop. i am going to be the softest, most tender, sweetest and desirable thing on the entire planet. i am going to be filled with loving goodness and covered in the most delicate powdered white sugar and i’m going to sprinkle it like kindness everywhere i go.


i’m going to be the kind of sweet and delicious treat that gets eaten only on very special occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations and holy days; all the days we look forward to. yup. i am going to be a maple cream filled donut from Madeline’s Bake Shop times two today! so i’m going to be double extra special.

everyone that lays eyes on me will look at me and wonder how did she get so beautiful? and they’re going to be asking themselves, how does she do that thing with her lovely brownish cream kind of peeking out from a tiny hole like a soft pillow cloud? And they’re going to think to themselves, I want be a beautiful and delicious maple cream filled donut too. And as their eyes turn away from me they will wonder, how come she smells as fresh and mouth wateringly good as maple syrup bubbling in the boiler on a crisp spring day in Vermont? And when they think of me they’ll think, how in the world did she become so tender?

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