sometimes the sky is orange

orange rising

every day when i wake, i watch the colors of the sky transform slowly, over and over, and then on and on throughout the day. i watch the sky like i’m observing an artist covering a canvas, it’s a painting; it’s a full-circle masterpiece from the dark sky in the early morning ’til nightfall and then again it’s early morning and the sun is up over the mountain~~~~~~~~~ and i’ve seen a rainbow of colors. this morning’s sky was all the shades of orange.

when i was a little girl, my mother would comment on the color of the sky in little verses: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…Red sky in the morning, sailor’s take warning. Halo ’round the moon or sun, rain’s approaching on the run. Evening red and morning gray, will set the traveler on their way. Evening gray and morning red grab an umbrella for your head. She had some weather rhymes too: When the wind is from the east, it’s never good for man or beast. Rain before seven, sun by eleven. When the cows lie down, it’s time for rain. This kind of folklore wisdom guided farmers and sailors and shepherds for ages. But no one ever repeats verses about orange skies. Not that orange skies aren’t amazing and ominous, more likely it’s because nothing rhymes with orange. we can change that. with you reader as my witness, let’s try a little spontaneous whimsy. Here goes: When the sky is between yellow and red, pull the covers back over your head. (Haha.) When red and yellow are on the rise, jump out of bed and open your eyes. (Better.) Orange sky at sunrise, get outside if you’re wise. (Not bad.) Red, yellow, orange too, this is a sunrise God made just for you. (Thanks, we’ll take it.) Purple sky and orange sun, violet and blue are on the run. (My new favorite; a little metaphor.) Squeeze the day. (Oof.) An orange sunrise is this morning’s prize. (Wait! I promise I’ll stop now.) Here’s the real prize…

Alexi Murdoch singing in the day under an Orange Sky.

May your day be juicy and delicious.

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