ice on the ground

This morning the first true frost is on the grass on North Hero. The neighbors chickens joined me for an early walk- I suppose hoping we might discover some fresh seeds to eat or warm gravel to peck at, but instead we just admired the frosty ground, got wet feet and breathed in the cold north wind. I came in with the coldest hands and it reminded me of the kind of thing that would cause my mother to say, “cold hands, warm heart”. And in this funny little chain of seemingly disconnected thoughts, it crosses my mind that there’s a movie I love called, Chocolat (imagine I said that in French). The north wind is a character that when it blows it causes restlessness for the main character who is always searching for love. I won’t give it away because it’s a little gift for today, my windy walk and offering you a beautiful movie to watch about the power of love. And if you decide to watch it, you might want to watch it with a guide, John Mark Stroud *link below simply says “home”. Not sure why, but these things happen. This man is amazing. Bless up friends, winter is on her way.

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