The Last 10 Days

Three stories to tell; Buffalo to Detroit and Buffalo to the USVI (and back to Detroit) til today. All are a pretty amazing series of experiences and all give rise to a profound sense of gratitude. David and Mark had a full week to connect and navigate Lake Erie for the first time. I was able to spend a week with Isla, Anna and Don as Isla turned 2 years old and prepared to enter the USVI Montessori School’s bilingual toddler classroom, “La Casa”. Then there’s the last three days in which David and I began the next BIG leg of our Loop journey.

David and Mark traveled a few miles out from the southern shore on Lake Erie. Each night, for seven nights, they stayed in a different port. From State Parks to downtown Cleveland, they were blessed with a predominant southeast wind and only encountered rain and stormy weather once! They met up with a friend in Cleveland that David and I had met along the way in New Jersey and traveled in tandem with out in the Atlantic to NYC, Frank Libby. He gave them a grand tour of Cleveland and they stayed at the downtown marina located at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They loved it and Mark captured a great image of Irene on the dock.

IRENE in Cleveland.
David ❤️‍🔥

Meanwhile, in the Virgin Islands-

This little Ray of Sunshine turns 2 and starts at the VI International Montessori School’s bilingual toddler classroom 💛
Attitude 💯

We played a lot! At the beach Isla was fearless and literally runs full speed into the water and dives. She is independent and was excited to practice the back float. At home we drew and made lots of marks on paper and wrote two books; Isla Loves Mama, and Nana and Isla Go to Moe’s. Then we read them, like 1,000 times. We made play dough and Isla talked a lot. She’s slightly bossy. She says things like, “Sit down Nana, and I don’t want to”…LOL

Two 🌞

All our travels went well. Everyone felt loved, supported, and happy. What more can you ask for? I met up with David at a Marina in south Detroit, Motor City Marina. It was a busy place with a lot of night life watching. We spent Sunday getting ready for the trip ahead, up the Detroit River and across Lake St. Clair to the Black River and a stay in Port Huron. We encountered strong currents and glorious changes in the color of the water from black to turquoise. The water remained stunningly blue green all the way up the St. Clair River to the Black River. Guess what color that was?

Crossing Lake St. Clair
IRENE on the wall in Port Huron.

Today is Wednesday, August 25th, and we are crossing Lake Huron. The current entering the lake was wicked! At 1800 RPMs we were only able to go about 5 knots. We hugged the Canadian side as advised and sweat a tiny bit under the Bluewater Bridge. I asked David, “You want the wheel?” He said, “It will only be difficult for a few minutes and you’ll get through it fine”. And that’s exactly how it goes. We get through difficult things because as Glennon Doyle says, “We can do hard things”. Carry on friends. We love you. Where ever you are, you got this.

The helm. Lake Huron bound for Port Sanilac, Michigan.
Perfect conditions for traveling up Lake Huron ✊🏽

9 thoughts on “The Last 10 Days

  1. kathyyost01

    Great update!  Looks like you got your Nana fix I expect it was rejuvenating!  I find your adventure exhausting🤣. You have youth on your side so more energy then me by quite a few years❤️ We are well still at Apple Island.  The weather has been great!  Very warm this week, we are enjoying the breezes and the family.  Missing you every day♥️ Love your updates, photos and insights. Stay safe! All my love, Kathy

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  2. Wendy McGrath

    I love you sooooooo much dear one! Such a great post!!! I have been missing your blog! I hope you are feeling loved, especially by me :-). I carry you in my heart always and sometimes, like this morning before I even saw that you had a new post, you were right there next to me with your hearty laugh and your words of wisdom right when I needed them. XOXOXOXO

  3. Jeanne L Hommel

    Glad you are happy and well. Love to hesr about your great adventures. Isla is beautiful. Love you❤❤

  4. perkks

    Sounds like everyone enjoyed their week. I love David snd Mark had time to travel together. I really love you got to go visit Anna, Don and Isla. She is gorgeous- that hair!!!
    Happy travels as you move forward!
    Love you,


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