Tonawanda, NY

The end of the Erie is a blessing a long time in coming for us. We have enjoyed the process and never, not in a million years, could ever have believed that we would sit still for days on end, and take six weeks to travel 400 miles. Granted, there were 35 locks which take time and effort but Lord, sitting still in small towns, not once, but three times in Amsterdam, Newark and Tonawanda, for a total of 24 days, have mercy. I know we have learned a few things along the way. Nothing mind blowing, just a few reminders about not trying to control what’s beyond our control; releasing all grudges, never blaming anything or anyone, and never letting circumstances get in the way of being present and experiencing joy; and learning to appreciate the rest as much as the movement.

IRENE is the second to last boat from the right (just before the ominous train bridge) in North Tonawanda.

The way out of the canal is by heading south on the Niagara River, south of the famed Niagara Falls by a few miles. The joke is, turn right and you’re over them. There’s at least of couple knots of current pushing the river south and because of the that, the government built a federal lock about 7 miles from where we are now in North Tonawanda (i.e. the north side of the canal) to help mariners negotiate the current and make it safely to Buffalo (10 miles) and then into Lake Erie. The federal lock is the gateway to a three and half mile canal on the south side of the Niagara River called, Black Rock [Lock] and Canal.

I won’t be there tomorrow when David and Mark make that part of the trip. It feels a bit unsettling to think about them moving our little home without me. This trip I’m taking to be at Isla’s second birthday in St. Thomas has been in the works for a long time. David and I thought it would be a piece of cake, pun intended, for me to be gone for a week. The truth is, we were both having a little anxiety over lunch today as the reality hit. We’ve developed a pretty good partnership on the water and we have grown into our roles. We have our own lanes. I have every confidence that we’re all gonna’ be ok, but it’s strange too- not going to deny it.


Some friends we made while stalled in Amsterdam, Jane & Bryce Johnson and their sailing boat, Beauty, were with us in Tonawanda for a few days. Jane and I were talking about all the little and big places along the way, from Florida to here, and which ones we could live in. We agreed that the best place to live is on a boat, but Tonawanda is a nice stop if there ever were one. There are excellent restaurants, little stores, nice people, a wonderful farmer’s market, it’s flat with great sidewalks for riding my electric scooter, you can swim in the canal, the wall is smooth, they have band concerts a few nights a week, it’s not expensive, there’s a really nice grocery store and even a clean laundromat. Tonawanda is full of pride and life.

Oh. They have some weird shit too. Like a lot of cigarette boats that are noisy as hell. Why? No one knows for sure. Owen gave me an answer but it’s too obscene to repeat.

Saturday in North Tonawanda (imagine sirens and canons and Thunder Road engines loud). Or, as Doug D would say, “TonaWandaFun” 😉

It doesn’t make for a very exciting blog to write about all the things we are reading but here are a few books in case you are wondering how I’m filling my head: Jumpgirl; Visualization and Imagery; Essential Reiki; Sound and Vibration; and the Book of Awakening. I believe we are part of a monumental shift in the evolution of our planet and the cosmos. I believe we are shifting in multiple ways and one of those is a dimensional shift. Periods of rest and reflection are actually important to all of us as we go through these times.

I wish everyone continued health and wherever anyone stands, I hope they stand there with their entire being, with integrity and love. I am very grateful to my friends, mentors and guides who are cheering us on through this journey. I could not have found a more beautiful group of people to expand my consciousness with. May we all find a most forgiving path through these unusual times and be able to stand above the chaos and look at what is happening in the world and see what an interesting time this is. May wisdom find a place at the table.

See you next week! Gotta fly xoxo

Be here now.

8 thoughts on “Tonawanda, NY

  1. kathyyost01

    Love your update!  Your musings and insights are beautiful, just like the author! Enjoy your time with Isla!🥳. The change will be good for you all.  You will return refreshed and ready to continue on. We are headed north to Apple island with our 32’ camper and 4 grands!  Truly exciting week for us all! Stay safe, all my love and prayers as you continue your journey!❤️❤️❤️ 

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  2. Wendy McGrath

    Flynn and I drove along the Erie Canal for a short stretch on Wednesday, through Amsterdam actually, on our way to visit Colgate from Dan’s parents’ neck of the woods (we stayed on Lake Desolation this trip–very pretty lake, wonderful starry skies, but man, does it live up to its name!). I thought of you and David constantly, knowing we were glimpsing some of what I read about in your blog!! I’m sure it’s disorienting to leave David and the boat–that way of being–even just for a week. You’ll no doubt be swallowed whole by love in St. Thomas and return to the boat with your cup overflowing even more than it already does. Love you madly, wish you safe travels, and a happy, happy second birthday to Isla!!

    1. betheship Post author

      Oh, goodness. The Mohawk River in that part of NY/Erie is the deep boonies. It’s the wilderness. Please tell Glynn I voted fir Maine and an ocean! All my love to you. PS: Safely and blissfully made it to St. Thomas 🌺

  3. perkks

    Safe travels to St Thomas. One little hug when you arrive will relieve your anxiety and let you know you are right where you should be ♥️
    Mark and David will have some great time together too. David can pretend he’s the boss for awhile! 🤣
    Love you. Patty

    1. betheship Post author

      LOL ❤️😂 True yet he misses me already. Anna, Isla and Don are great and it’s awesome to be here. Love ya tons! Anna said if the islands shut down due to covid she wants to come stay in your cottage ❤️❤️❤️🤟🏽🌈

  4. Douglas

    One of my fav sayings…. “stay in your lane Bro!” Now, I have St. John envy. Enjoy the little bit… they don’t stay little long. David will crack the whip and Mark will find his lane soon! Post some little bit pics. DDD


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