Sunshine and August

Heading Out of Newark, NY

Monday, August 1st, brought morning showers followed by bright sunshine, heat and calm waters. It seemed like everyone had the same idea; get going! We estimated we could make it from Newark to Spencerport, NY, if we traveled most of the day. It’s slightly less than 40 miles and 5 locks along the way- and at Rochester, you also cross the Genesee River. In other words, a very active trip.

We passed through several small towns: Macedon, Fairport, Bushnell Basin and Pittsford and arrived at Spencerport late in the afternoon. We found a lucky spot on the wall just in front of their Erie Canal Museum. We encountered a couple we had docked near on Newark who’d left a day or two before us. They gave us lots of local information and we were happy to reconnect with them. That’s a nice part of traveling the canal across NY, you meet people and can connect again and again.


We stayed the maximum 48 hours and enjoyed the town (David especially loved the local bbq). We departed for our next stop, Holley, NY, in bright sun ☀️ and it was a beautiful and peaceful day. We were especially mindful of how much we have to be thankful for. The western portion of the Erie Canal is really special. Each little town offers something and welcomes Mariners. The lush farm lands between towns are happy this August from all the rain in July. We saw them smiling.

Making hay.
Growing corn.
Smiling back at y’all ☀️

The wall in Holley was a quiet and primitive place that where time had not interfered with the natural world. It is narrow there however; which means waves, so we chose not to linger. We left Holley in the morning, bound for Medina, NY. One night there before setting out for a very long day to reach the end of the Erie Canal in Tonawanda, NY, where the canal meets the Niagara River.

From Tonawanda, there is one small lock that transitions you to Lake Erie. We’ll see that on Monday. In the meantime, Tonawanda is a community that caters to Mariners. Sailboats will have their masts stepped up here or in nearby Buffalo so they can sail again. It’s the first place to fuel up after hundreds of miles (diesel) and it has walls on both sides of the canal with powers and water where you can tie up for a small fee. As fate would have it, we found a magic spot behind a couple we had been stalled with in Amsterdam when the locks were closed for 8 days, back in July. They are sailors from Michigan, Jane and Bryce. Their sailboat is named, Beauty. They are thoughtful and down to earth and have sailed the Great Lakes for years. They are a wealth of knowledge that we can apply in the next phase of this journey as we explore and traverse Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan- then down to Chicago. We’ll see them again when we’re in Michigan on Lake St. Claire; where they live on land.

The past five days were experienced at a slow pace and they’ve been peaceful. Although, the weekend warriors did start arriving last night to begin the weekend. I am forecasting some fairly wild people and boat watching this weekend from our spot on the wall 😎

Lock 35 in Lockport. The last lock on the Erie 🙌🏽
Closing the final doors on the Erie. Hallelujah amen.
Onward 🌊

10 thoughts on “Sunshine and August

  1. perkks

    Your blogs are going to become a great book that is not only interesting and well written but i predict it will be a great guide for other Loopers. I want one of the first signed copies.
    Love you and miss you tons.

    1. betheship Post author

      betheship on August 6, 2021 at 9:14 am
      That is very kind but one thing I know, David is waiting until the loop is complete and we begin the new year in Marathon, Florida, to read them from the beginning. Fun fact 🤟🏽 Love you more and love seeing your beautiful family in your fb pics. See you in December 🌈☀️💛

  2. Wendy McGrath

    Awesome!! The reporting makes me feel like I’m getting to go along with you! And I LOVE that last photo! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. kathyyost01

    So nice to hear that your almost done with the locks. Sunny, warm days and gentle waters seems to be soothing your soul. I am looking forward to your perspective on the Great Lakes. I have several friends that have lived on the and their stories are like the ones I hear from people that live by the sea. I have seen the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie but at the time did not appreciate their majesty. Lake Erie has always been suspect for contaminated water and large algae blooms. Their size I expect will feel a little being on open sea but I am only guessing!

    We are making huge progress on our sorting, tossing, donating and storing! It is exhausting and liberating at the same time!

    We leave the 14th with 4 of the grands and head to Apple Island. We are all looking forward to it. Kevin and Yaming have rented a cabin I cannot wait to have more then a few minutes with them! It will be so good to see Patty and Jeanne and of course Norm! I hope Tom and Diane will be up for some part of our month in Vermont. 2 of our friends from Port Charlotte are flying in on September 6 and leaving the 11th. Pat is from Ohio and Bonny from Illinois. They are renting Patty’s cottage. Wish you could be with us!

    Stay safe and enjoy your adventure. I love your updates and I miss you and worry about you. When do you get to Buffalo and fly to Anna’s?

    All my love and hugs! Kathy

    Sent from my iPad


    1. betheship Post author

      Thank you for the update! Wow xoxo I leave on the 14th and will miss a lot of Lake Erie. I fly back in to Detroit. Please!! Do not worry about us. Imagine us in your mind’s eye as strong, safe and secure. All my love, B


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