You can learn a lot from the unconditional love of our divine animal creature friends. My dog Gus is getting on in dog years and despite his aging body he still remembers to do what he loves. Eat, chase squirrels, get his head scratched, sit for treats, protect the house, wag his tail, go for walks, sniff everything, these are his daily passions. He has some new things going on too. He barks at the sky and he looks up a lot more, head turned towards the heavens. I think he sees things that human eyes can’t see and is making contact with the energy where he is headed. This may seem far fetched to some of you, but where we are bound is pretty far from here up the spiritual ladder and Gus is a hell’a lot closer than most. I see it too when he is suffering and cries out like he never did before, but only rarely. Suffering is much more deeply felt as we ascend towards All That Is. Mostly, he lives his best life and reminds me to live mine.

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