a place for making things

Over the course of my life I have been blessed to be surrounded by makers- many of them young children. Of course young children can only benefit from this if the adults and teachers in their lives are makers too. There is a natural instinct to make sense of the world and develop an identity through images, words, stories, painting, clay, construction, cardboard, fiber arts, and all the ways that things can be put together to carry meaning, serve purposes, be beautiful and shared. The schools, like the place in the picture above from Pistoia, Italy, that reflect this belief are wonderful and wondrous places. For many years I had the privilege of being part of a school that at its core, at its very heart, was a desire to constantly be a makers space and that energy was very vivid and it was a school where everyone, children and adults, wanted to be. Making things, preparing, repairing, restoring, creating things serves many purposes. I long for a future post COVID or starting today, where screens and devices and television sets and binge watching anything are meaningless memories, meaningless thoughts that reflected a world without meaning. What would you make? What would you save? What would you build? Imagine that.

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