I teach a class to undergraduate students every Monday night and I spend hours each week preparing for the encounter. Initially, I wasn’t sure that I’d made the best decision to teach again. I agreed to the course because my colleagues and friends kind of “begged” me to. In retrospect, if I’d taken the time to list the pros of cons of such a big commitment, it’s likely I would have still agreed to do it, but I would have had fewer allusions about the work. Here it is, Monday again 😉 Today we are continuing a conversation about expressing empathy while dreaming big with the littles. It is interesting how we are always circling around the topics we are considering me to the students, the students back to me and to the children they are working with. Tonight we will continue to reimagine schools as places of freedom. Monday’s message seems to always be reminding me about free will, freedom and being present in the moment I am in. Here we go, Monday. We got this.

blue jay

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