October 25th

Today I am practicing seeing the thoughts that cross my mind as a waste of my time. The things that are past are preoccupying my mind from have new thoughts and from being present in the moment. All the visions of past experiences and feelings that are no longer relevant and especially problematic to encounter the world with an open mind. I am doing this this a few times today with my eyes closed so I can remember that these thoughts are only illusions anyway.

Later, I’ll be chopping veggies from my neighbor’s farm to make a hearty soup. I love Sundays for making soup. All the things in one big pot cooking together and making the entire house smell wonderful. I love that moment after being outside in the brisk fall air when we reenter the house and smell that lovely smell. Good food is good in so many ways. It nourishes you, which is most important, but it is beautiful to the eyes, it scents the air, it makes us grateful for the farmers and all the folks that worked so hard to bring it to our table. Carrots, celery, onion, garlic, mushrooms, barley, spices and more. Big pot of love. Cooking up something good. October 25th.

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