Where Did I Leave Off?

David and I have had some long-haul days since we left Point Pleasant, NJ. A full day south to Atlantic City, followed by a full day to Cape May. A New Jersey, Atlantic Ocean wrap, blessed by following seas and slow rollers. And then, surprise, the long ride up out the Cape May Canal and up the Delaware Bay, and down the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal to Chesapeake City, Maryland, was fairly uneventful. It was fast with a following tide and calm through a morning fog that burned off into an overcast afternoon. By evening we were on the community free dock in Chesapeake City, MD. We spent two nights on the that free wall. Met some lovely people and from our perch there, witnessed a lot of boat traffic on the canal and in the basin. I love that little canal town in all its quirkiness.

Once you exit the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal heading south, you are in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s not a bay in the sense you may equate with “a bay”. It’s like the way Lake Michigan is kind of a lake-ocean. The Chesapeake Bay has over 11,000 miles of shore line along six states. It’s a very big bay. Mariners take entire summers to explore the Bay’s rivers and estuaries and even then, simply could not see her entirety. We have never ventured into the two largest cities along the Chesapeake, (i.e. Baltimore and Washington, DC), but we have thoroughly enjoyed smaller communities like Annapolis, Oxford and St. Michaels. In fact, we are in St. Michaels now, enjoying a week on land at David’s sister and brother-in-laws home. IRENE is in a slip at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum in downtown St. Michaels. She looks great there all shiny after a water line cleaning while we were on our anchor in the Wye River.

IRENE and pals at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum.

I have been thinking about clearing and cleaning. I mean, we think about those things all the time when we wash the boat, clean our spaces, do laundry, unclutter and organize our environments. It expands us. It creates more space around us for getting bigger energetically. Yesterday, I went to the boat to check on her, to make sure the AC was running and pick up a few things. It felt good to be on her, largely because we left her cleared and clean. Now I am reflecting on how we (our bodies) transform our own energy, do our energetic hygiene, get unstuck like cleaning out a messy space. Expending energy to expand energy. Exercising, eating well, eating light, drinking lots of water, reading a good book, writing, appreciating the beauty of absolutely everything, forgiving the hard stuff and loving large as the Bay; these are the unlimiting things that are the bulwark of infinite gratitude. We should all be as radiant, shiny, bright, and sparkling as IRENE. So here I am, polishing up my field, expanding my energy and keeping my frequency turned up.

David is having a more difficult time being big and bright right now as he has been suffering from an enormous head and ear ache. Sometimes it’s easy to go with the flow, but sometimes, we have to go in spite of the flow. We have to grow against the flow. You see this in nature all the time; plants growing in the rivers against the current, flowers emerging between rocks, trees reborn after hurricanes, and more. Their roots hold tight. Take note people, it can be done. It has to be done because life is school and it’s not designed to be easy. So prayer warriors, send big love to David as he lays low and strong while simultaneously enjoying the puppies, appreciating the beautiful flowering trees, hearing his favorite music, eating sweet watermelon, and taking shorts walks outside in the sun and wind. Everything passes, so be present for it while it’s here. I promise, you will never be bored.

Rainbow following rain in the East Bay.
Gaia sure knows how to cleanse her field; lightening, rain, wind and some thunder for dramatic effect.

8 thoughts on “Where Did I Leave Off?

  1. Wendy Hobbins McGrath

    Things I’m carrying with me from your blog:
    “Expend energy to expand energy”
    “Grow against the flow”
    “Forgive the hard stuff and love as large as the bay”
    “Everything passes, so be present for it while it’s here”

    You, dear one radiate like the sun and sparkle like the moon. Big love to you and David. Can’t wait to see you!!

  2. Diane Burrington

    Happy to hear of your fairly smooth travels and that you have a week in that beautiful oasis. Prayers for David to get some relief. A good Peppermint oil can give some relief. Frankincense is magic. Just a few lighthearted suggestions.
    Enjoy your remaining in St Micheals.

  3. kathyyost01

    Dearest Barbara, how I miss you. I am always so happy to read of your adventures and your insights. It continues to give me anxiety knowing you are moving from port to port with all that entails!

    I am sorryDavid not feeling well. I hope he is doing better today. At least you are in your floating home. I know when we do not feel well we appreciate being home. You have the luxury of taking it with you♥️

    I know you will enjoy your family and sometime off the boat.

    We are getting ready to head to Vermont for Steve and Michele’s anniversary party. I wish you were going to be there.

    Safe travels, stay safe. Looking forward to catching up in November.

    Always, Kathy

    Sent from my iPad


    1. betheship Post author

      You’ve been on my mind🌺 So happy you are able to go to VT after all you’ve been through xoxo Miss you lots and thinking about everyone and celebrating with you in spirit 💕See you soon! Tons of love. B


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