Thanks to everyone who wished, prayed and buoyed us across Lake Michigan to arrive in Chicago by October 1st. We made it in the early evening of September 30th, no less. It was a mix of eventful moments and smoothish sailing. We left South Haven, MI, for a 77 mile run across Lake Michigan to the Chicago Harbor. The forecast was for SSE winds 5-10 with waves 1 foot or less. The reality was, SSE winds 10-15, gust to 20, with 2-4 seas for the first three hours. The remaining 6.5 hours were calmer and more in line with what the weather folks called for. No complaints, at all. There was a little excitement and one moment of doubt however; our right minds prevailed and it was well worth the moments of discomfort. Seeing the Chicago skyline emerge in the distance when we were 35 miles out in the middle of the lake was very cool. As it became closer and closer, it was even better!

About 15 miles out.
Approaching the DuSable Marina in downtown Chicago.
Our first night was on a mooring and we had a beautiful evening, but in the morning the wind shifted and it became dangerous. we rocked and rolled to our dock space!!

Chicago from the water is stunning. I have to say though, we miss Michigan. After our prolonged stay in Ludington, we went to Grand Haven and saw dear friends we hadn’t seen in ten years. Joey and Jim Bennink treated us to a wonderful dinner and told us lots about life in their beautiful birth place. It was great to reconnect, share stories and make plans to meet again.

Joey and I were rookie principals together in the Champlain Islands (a long time ago). I call her the ”gee whiz to my fbomb”. Now, we are rookie selfie takers. 💗
South Haven. Our final stop in Michigan before crossing to Chicago and the central time zone. Irene on the dock.
Last Michigan harbor, headed west.

Closing the chapter on the Great Lakes is bittersweet. They were more profoundly wonderful then we had ever imagined. We got our asses handed to us a few times however; we were met with a breathtaking environment, kind people and safe harbors, again and again. Michigan, I love you passionately. Your endless beaches and giant sand dunes make my heart swell.

The next stage of the loop are the interconnected big rivers: the Chicago, Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland, Tennessee, and the Tom Bigbee (Ten-Tom) and then we stop and rest a while in Mobile, Alabama. Thats a lot of unchartered miles, locks, states, and a few months ahead for us. We feel fortunate and blessed. We are making room for the new challenges and possibilities as we take in the city.

Wish us well friends and we wish it right back to you.

Chicago sunrise. October 2, 2021.

11 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Diane Burrington

    So glad the prayers were answered 💕 love the updates and beautiful photos of your surroundings. Enjoy the Chicago stay and safe travels forward 😘

  2. perkks

    Oh the stories you will tell! What a great adventure. Glad it has been all you’ve hoped for – and maybe a little more. ❤️
    Enjoy the next leg. We will reconnect in Florida. We leave VT on the 19th and will enjoy some stops on our way south. We will be back by 11/1.
    Love you!

  3. kathyyost01

    Loved the update!  Hard to believe after 5 months there is still such a long, arduous and adventurous journey still ahead. We will have spent 12+ weeks this summer in our beautiful, new to us camper, and I cannot wait to get home! I have completed all our Christmas shopping for our combined family of 7 children and 12 grandchildren.  Before we leave on 10/16 we will have it all delivered!  I have never been one to leave anything to chance! George and I are looking forward to a wonderful  holiday season in Florida!  It will be so nice to have you both part of it! Stay safe, be well and enjoy every emotion you feel!This excursion is definitely bringing you to a new level of self awareness! All my love to you both!  Happy you got to Chicago on schedule.♥️♥️ All my love, Kathy

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  4. Wendy McGrath

    Yay!!! So glad you made it and just ahead of schedule too! Your descriptions of Lake Michigan make me want to go there for the beaches alone! I can only imagine how bittersweet it feels to have reached this milestone and turn away from those places you fell in love with. I keep thinking about all the courage this journey (the Loop, and life for that matter!) takes and how over an over you find grace. Thank you for sharing it. I love you like crazy and wish you well always.

  5. Jeanne Hommel

    Love to you and David. Looking forward to seeing you both in Florida and hearing your adventures in person. May the rest of your journey be safe. love you forever. Jeanne


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