first snow

this morning we have a fine dusting of snow outside. a thin veil of white on the leaves and picnic table and few flakes freely flying by the windows. looking out at the lake i can see the prevailing south wind is switching to the north as the water is swirling around reacting to the winds building strength. i am paying attention to the thoughts this change in weather and temperature and conditions bring up in my mind, because today i am practicing recognizing that i have “no neutral thoughts”. it amazes me (though it really shouldn’t) that even our ongoing complaints and insults hurled at mother nature send negative vibrations out to the world and leave us farther away from the peace that we are all seeking. we have no neutral thoughts.

when i was a little girl i discovered a little brown book of poetry inscribed in pencil with my father’s name and the book and i became fast friends. i loved that little book and i memorized the poems inside. as i began writing the morning, these words from one of the poems crossed my mind: “I love the gray November day”. going to carry that memory with me today and let it warm my mind.

Gray November Day

by Dixie Willson

I like the fall
The mist and all
I like the night owl’s lonely call
And wailing sound
Of wind around

I like the gray
November day
And dead, bare boughs that coldly sway
Against my pane
I like the rain

I like to sit
And laugh at it
And tend my cozy fire a bit
I like the fall
The mist and all

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