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what if?

Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

what if everything we were raised to believe is not true? what if the real purpose of our lives has become obscured through generations of oppression, fear mongering, and untruths? what if our real purpose is to be exactly who we are? and to be happy? what if our bodies aren’t keeping us alive rather, our spirit is animating a body? what if we aren’t separated at all from the divine but are part of the divine? what if we were never intended to sacrifice and suffer in order to ascend? what if all the power resides within us? what if we create the world we see? what if we knew we are very holy? and blessed beings indeed?

would we be kinder to ourself and others? would we recognize All That Is in everything and everyone? would we breathe easier? would we treat our body and our mind more thoughtfully? would we love ourselves unconditionally? would we love others unconditionally? would we turn our television off? would we have peace? would we spend more time in nature? would our spirit be more adventurous? would feel a sense of ease knowing that we have been given a roadmap home? would we master ourselves? would we choose love?