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Sidewalk Note

Square root of 121 years old 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

This is not an observation from “life on the water” because I was on land when this occurred. This is me reflecting on a conversation with our 11 year old grandson, Xander . I had just returned to Charleston from a Spirit-Led retreat in South Dakota when upon my return, he and I took a walk together.

Xander and I were walking and talking about my trip and he asked me a few questions about things I “believe in”. I answered his questions and he responded “other people might think” xyz … It doesn’t matter what the xyz was because it doesn’t actually exist. What I found deeply moving and meaningful is that an 11 year old asked about how to absorb and feel when other people may judge you, or express something that is not exactly kind about you. Such a good question to be asked- at any age, and most definitely at the tender age of 11.

Initially, my response confused him. I said, “What other people think about you or me is none of our business ”. From there, we had the best conversation.

Long talk short, I shared my understanding that how other people judge and talk about us “isn’t our business” because it is a product of their mind; a product of their imagination. The only suffering it is causing or that is occurring, is within them. It lowers their frequency. That’s what judging others does to the one casting shade. It causes suffering in the mind and experience of that person. Therefore, suffering is optional. I suggested we forgive it, let it go and keep being our most authentic selves.

This really resonated with him, and that’s what this world needs. People caring so much they pause and feel and wonder and learn with grace and ease. Roger that.

Hold the light Xander and everyone.