IRENE (the dream) 2021 -2023

Somewhere on the Illinois. River, 2021.

On May 17th, 2023, IRENE left her winter home Marlin Bay Marina in Marathon, Florida, bound for Galveston, Texas. Her tower was lowered and she was secured for transport at the Marathon Boat Yard. IRENE headed west as David and I were headed north.

On the same day IRENE left port, David arrived at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Venice, Florida, to have knee replacement surgery. While the knee surgery was planned months in advance, the boat sale came as a “surprise” to us. It turns out there was someone else out there that dreamed of owning IRENE and making her his own. His persistence combined with the number of stairs on the boat and the cost of storing her for six months made the decision a pragmatic one for us. Bittersweet none the less.

Two beauties, ready for their next assignments.

Our last month in Marathon was a combination of laying real low (mostly by the pool), packing up to move out, and eating at all of our favorite places. David and I agree that Marathon is one of our “love territories”; sand, sun, blue-green waters, big-hearted people, fresh food, palm trees, sea creatures, boats, and expansive blue skies. Your life is your medicine and in many ways, Marathon healed us from the inside out.

Currently, we are hunkered down at my sister Kathy and brother-in-law, George’s, beautiful home in Port Charlotte, Florida. David is recovering and getting used to his new knee. I am assisting him in all the ways; nesting in this comfortable space, cooking, creating stuff, and beginning a new, part-time job. We have a vacation week planned in St. Augustine at the end of June, just before David checks back in at Sarasota Memorial on July 12th to replace his other knee. Then, more recovering while we plan our next moves and adventures.

Keeping in mind that nothing in this life is permenant, I am not sure what will become of the Be the Ship blog? Not sure what will become of anything in fact, but naturally hopeful. In the meantime, let’s all keep creating who we truly are in our concerted effort to return to source. Remember, what sets dreams in motion is action. Take some. Show up. Joy is truly your birthright. I hope you all wake up one day and recognize your whole life is a miracle.

10 thoughts on “IRENE (the dream) 2021 -2023

  1. Wendy

    Amazing. What an incredible experience to have had aboard Irene together–allowing all of your readers to hitch along and share in it! I’m excited for wherever your spirit takes you next but I’ll admit that I’m sad to see Irene leave you. Imagine it’s exquisitely bittersweet for you and David. Sending you both all my love and healing wishes for David’s recovery. XOXOXOXO

    1. betheship Post author

      Your presence over the past years has meant the world to me (us). Going to continue carrying you with me, wherever I go. All my always and in all ways. xoxo

  2. Jen and Ed

    What a bittersweet and exciting time for you! We will miss Irene and your blog, but we’re looking forward to see where your next adventures take you! Best wishes to David while he recovers, and much love to you both! Let us know if your travels bring you North. We’ll be in VT June 17 through the end of October. ❤️

    1. betheship Post author

      Thank you! David is doing really well and gearing up for the other one to be done in July. We plan to be in Vermont this fall. Love to you both; enjoy.

  3. kathyyost01

    Dearest Barbara,


    div>I have enjoyed you blog for over two years.  I have felt your fear, enjoyed your success and reveled

  4. perkks

    What a wonderful journey you have had. Irene took good care of you both and helped make some amazing memories ♥️
    I loved seeing the photo library!
    I hope David is healing and you are taking care of yourself during all of this too❣️
    I miss you both. Much love,

    1. betheship Post author

      Thank you. So many experiences on Irene; we are definitely different from when we began. David is doing well and I’m working on keeping myself front and center to me (sometimes it works lol). Love you tons. Enjoy the lake! See you again, soon. xoxo


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