A Month on Land: September 14 -October 10th, 2022

Dear Reader, I begin with today and work back to our arrival in Mount Pleasant. Rather than edit for smoother reading, I wanted to begin by reassuring you that we are well. ❤️

IRENE is here, the Cooper River Marina in North Charleston.

We docked at the Cooper River Marina in North Charleston almost two weeks ago and buttoned IRENE up for a month. We will check on her periodically however; for all intents and purposes, for the hopeful duration of hurricane season, and while hanging with family, we are living on land. As I write this on the evening of Thursday, September 27th, 2022, we are watching Hurricane Ian bear down on the west coast of Florida. Currently, it looks like it will be a tropical storm by the time it reaches us. However; tropical storms pack plenty of wind, rain and surf. Focusing on preparation and safety now. Earlier today, David and I drove across the bridge, back to North Charleston, to reinforce IRENE’s lines and to bring all the things we store outside, inside. Even though the docks at the marina are beautiful, well constructed floating docks, with big winds and gusts, the boats are going to do some enormous rocking.

In other news. The kids school announced today they will be closed on Friday. Jay went to the grocery store and Farmer’s Market to pick up a few things and filled the vehicles with gas. I did our laundry and am gathering up materials for a long weekend of art and crafting with Hollis. Please use your imagination to envision the storm losing steam and getting tamped down before it hits land again. Thank it and wish it well. Send big prayers up for the people of Cuba and everyone, everywhere, especially our Florida friends.

September 16th, 2022

Of course, it takes an entire wagon load to move out our backpacks, our personal items and our laundry from the boat to the waiting car. By now we are happily installed in the room over the garage in Mount Pleasant (Charleston, S.C.). It’s a delightful space with an enormous soaking tub, for which I am very grateful. There is a graceful walkway behind the main house that invites us into the family room and kitchen of Jay and Melissa’s home. David thinks the walkway and back yard are the best aspects of the house. I find the entire structure beyond “best”, and beautiful in every way.

Here is the garage with the stairway to the studio we are staying in. I call it “the cottage”.
And, the walkway that welcomes us to the main house.

After arriving I noticed the one big irony of being on the land is how often everyone wants to go “to the water”. The house is only a couple blocks away from the ICW and the Charleston inlet. So far, we have been to a bar and a restaurant on Shem Creek and also on Sullivan’s Island. We have walked a nature preserve path out to the ICW and have taken several shorter walks and golf cart rides down side streets to the waterfront as well. All the water, the boats, the reflections, the perfect light, the tall and wide skyline, the waves and the dolphins, the big red sunsets, they are all still there.

One view along Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

In Other News

This past week, I gave myself a belated birthday gift and flew to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a long weekend, to participate in a Spirit-Led Intensive Workshop. Four nights and three days of good living in an powerful environment with beautiful souls. We did a lot of deeply personal work, ate incredible meals (prepared with love), spent time in the blessed and sacred Black Hills, and took self-care to the next level. I look forward to going back there, someday, to feel the profound and palpable energy emanating from the Black Hills and to spend time with old and new friends.

Sunrise outside my window, in Sturgis, S.D.

While I was off doing my thing, David stayed in Charleston and enjoyed being waited on by Hollis and Xander. He had a stress fracture on his left foot that was healing. The kids checked on him a few times a day, brought him ice cream, taught him to use the fancy remote, and kept him in good company. I am happy to report he is back on his feet and has mastered the remote. He has a fresh haircut, has begun a good book recommended by a friend, and is looking forward to jumping in the pool in the rain. Life is good.


It’s hurricane season so we button up
our little boat home. 
We fill our bags for a month on land 
and load ourselves and our belongings into the waiting vehicle. 
God bless this day.
We speed across the bridge to the mainland-
and our driver accelerates to avoid 
the “crazy blind driver” who has “almost killed us”. 
Lord have mercy.
Arriving well and happy 
we carry ourselves and our belongings up a flight of stairs.
We stand on the hard and unmoving floor and I gaze upon the tub 
appearing like a sacred shrine rising up to greet us.
We look out each window to inspect the view
of life close up.
The leaves and branches outside the window are
“so lush, so green, so beautiful”. 
We head back outside, our barefoot strides lengthening
as we are uplifted by the earth beneath our feet.  
Walking to the main house, this new home, 
we joyfully board the kin-ship.
Lord, hear our prayers.

Wishing you all well. Be happy. Be in alignment with your authentic and unique self. Bring love and kindness to all that you do and in turn, this reflective universe will return it back to you. Rise and shine on, friends. Until I write again…EnJOY 🎶

7 thoughts on “A Month on Land: September 14 -October 10th, 2022

  1. kathyyost01

    What a lovely update!  So happy you are on land for a few more weeks!  Safe from IAN!So happy to see you had a wonderful time renewing your soul and spirit in the BlackHills of South Dakota.This break should give you the refresh that will help you in the last push to Florida.❤️❤️ You oasis on land is beautiful.  Enjoy the beauty of it and the amenities.  The soaking tub looks fabulous!  Love the entry.  Enjoy being with the family, love the kids and relax.  There is nothing any of us can do to bargain or coerce Mother Nature!  Stay safe, enjoy your break.   Staying positive looking forward to seeing you and David in Florida. All my love, Kathy

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  2. perkks

    Glad you are not in the boat right now. Be safe. We are all keeping fingers crossed we get through this storm with minor issues.
    Your conference sounded great. You deserved some special time for you.
    I love you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. newspeaktalk

    Oh you land lubber

    Wonderful to know your journey still pulls you entangling while clarifying all along the way

    So some black hills pulled you further

    I can only imagine that your presence there rhymed well with the resonance of that sacred land

    I’m grateful that your shining pathways lead open ways for those of us witnessexperiencing as you go

    Love on



    1. betheship Post author

      Let’s go there someday, together! It’s an amazing place. You can cook 😉 xoxoxo Please plan to visit us this winter? Mission’ ya and your way with words ✌🏽🙌🏽🫶🏽

  4. Wendy McGrath

    LOVE the poem!! Sending loads of love and good wishes as you land on the ground for a little while. Let your body really register the support beneath you and all the love circulating around and through you as you weather the storm in kin-ship. Holding you all in the Light ❤


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