North Hero, St. Albans and Mallet’s Bay ~~~~~~~~

The past two weeks have been a mixture of time on Irene and time on land. We have seen a lot of folks and felt a lot of feels. Monday, we were back on Irene and preparing for the next two weeks at the Burlington Harbor Marina. As often as I thought to, I snapped a picture along the way and will leave quite a few here. A peculiar thing about this post. I sat down multiple times to write a draft for this leg of our time on Lake Champlain. On at least five occasions, it has deleted all updates to my first version. It is as if a force of nature was hitting delete and telling me to return to my original message. Here’s the thing- while what I originally drafted makes sense to me, I’m slightly concerned it may be less in align with most readers. Perhaps the universe and my personal guidance is suggesting that it is ok, even if it may seem a bit provocative or out there. So dear reader, ya’ll get what you get when I hit save at the end of this writing session. Writer’s roulette.

Since being back, I have been talking with a few of my friends in Vermont who read the Betheship blog and our conversations circled around to the interconnected ideas of upliftment, frequency, and density whichI have used in my writing as metaphors to describe living life on the water. Spoiler alert: These concepts are not original to me. I borrowed them from Science and Spirit to help describe the time and places I find myself in; between the water, the land, and the sky.

Unless you’re an extraterrestrial, you are navigating the same elements on the same planet on the same timeline(s) as I am. So, it makes perfect sense that aspects of my posts have resonated with some of you. (Though I am also 100% sure that my words are vibing with our extraterrestrial champions too.) If any of what you just read is causing you to roll your eyes or wonder WTF? I encourage you to put your screen down and stop reading this immediately, because science class is resuming in 3, 2, 1~

I have been considering the root of the theories I’ve been connecting my life with. Particularly regarding energy, and how it is transmuted through movement; and the vibration of water and the frequency it holds. Water has always resonated with me. Some of my most favorite childhood memories include going to the beaches on little lakes and ponds in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, making pot holes in the Passumpsic River, swimming in my friend’s pools, skipping stones, hiking up streams and standing under waterfalls. Guess what? Because I still hold that frequency, I share it with water, I continue to love going to the beach, making pot holes in rivers, swimming in pools, stream hiking, waterfalls, and living on water. You cannot make this up. In fact, I took the lessons from 9th grade Earth Science and 11th grade Physics and married them with what “moves” me. That’s where spirit enters. So here I am. Living a life on the water surrounded by the natural world, learning new things, meeting interesting people, making things, being outside a lot. Same me. Same life. Better vibes. Higher frequency. Not perfect, but definitely turning the dial up towards 11 (with apologies to Spinal Tap.) That is UPliftment.

More from the past two weeks in pictures before we get back to class.

The theory of Density is simply how tightly things are packed together (d=M/V). The mind body molecules can also be denser or lighter because they’re “things” too. Want to be lighter? Breath deeply and exhale well. Eat lighter, less dense food, like fresh fruit. Drink water. Spirit is the ultimate light being. The eternal light for our eternal lives. Find the things that bring you joy and align your life with them. Let the heaviness go. This is physics, not morality. This is quantifiable. Burdens bring density. Alleviate your burdens. The further we bring things down and more tightly pack them together, we increase the density. We can literally release the denser molecules that clog up our consciousness. Find your denser thoughts and limiting beliefs and release them through intent, movement, mediation, prayer, your mind; just acknowledge them, thank them for serving their purpose, and let matter go. End of class dear reader.

Just because.

Back on the lake we call home, the world seems fairly unchanged on the surface. It remains incredibly beautiful, people still run on the bike path, the ferry leaves the port on time, sailboats grace the waterfront, friends and family members stop by to say ”hello”. This place will always have our hearts and we carry it with us wherever we go. We are a new version of the old us. New old us are more peaceful, a little bit quieter and we have learned a few new moves. We have increased our knowingness and experienced freedom that one could only be imagined once the physical attachments were severed and our ”inner laboratories” significantly aired out. We got new dreams and we are following them. We wish the same for you too. As the saying goes, ”Peace, love and sandy feet”.

Tiny water lilies. Pleasure and peace xoxo.

8 thoughts on “North Hero, St. Albans and Mallet’s Bay ~~~~~~~~

  1. Wendy

    Love it!! All of it. Thank you for being such a hugely inspiring example of living your truth. For you 😉
    When You See Water by Alice Walker

    When you see water in a stream
    you say: oh, this is stream
    When you see water in the river
    you say: oh, this is water
    of the river;
    When you see ocean
    you say: This is the ocean’s
    But actually water is always
    only itself
    and does not belong
    to any of these containers
    though it creates them.
    And so it is with you.

    1. betheship Post author

      Alice Walker’s beautiful genius on this windy morning is just what I needed. 💕 Happy birthday, dear friend. You are loved beyond measure. 🌸🎂

  2. sunpower167

    We need to meet up at the Harbor Marina! We’re around and might be boating but either by boat or land we can come to the harbor🙂 dee

    Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse all spelling mistakes!


  3. kathyyost01

    Dearest Barbara, As always I am lulled and comforted by your voice. I appreciate your inner thoughts and abstract Parallels. I love and enjoy the depth of your soul and the way your voice Carrie’s me along.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Your painting are beautiful and family photos perfect. Ronan is a beautiful young man. I love his hair. Congratulations on all stars!🥳

    Now that I have been retired for 8 years I understand your message more clearly then I would have 15 years ago. We get so caught up in making a living, working, being a care giver sometimes we loose ourselves. In retirement with George I have been granted an opportunity to be free of some of the everyday worries and appreciate the slowing of our bodies and fog that pops up in our brain. The knowledge and joy that simply sitting on the porch, watching birds, listening to birds sing and through it all the gentleness of my love.

    Stay strong, keep writing I love your voice. Enjoy this time. I love you and David❤️ Smooth sailing, calm waters and joy.♥️♥️

    Love, Kathy

    Sent from my iPad


    1. betheship Post author

      It brings me so much joy to view your life unfolding surrounded by so much love and abundance. Blessed you’re my sister and fairy godmother 😘

  4. perkks

    Sometimes I think about my life and my work and am pretty content with who I am and what I have accomplished. Then I read your blogs and I realize I am not as smart as I think I am, and I am actually quite shallow. Sadly I’m good with that 🤣 but I love that you are so much more! I am trying to learn from your blogs ♥️
    I am looking forward to seeing you Tuesday! Can’t wait to catch up.
    Love you!

    1. betheship Post author

      Made me laugh out loud. I think the real difference between us is you’re more extroverted and I’m an introverted kind of being. We’re both perfect xoxoxo 🙌🏽♥️🦉🙌🏽♥️🦉looking forward to hanging out with you! ✌🏽🙏🏽🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊


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