Lake Champlain

Along the Champlain Canal.

Just like that, we floated over a year. A few hours into this particular voyage, we transitioned from the Champlain Canal into Lake Champlain. Where the lake begins to widen out in front of us, David says, “This is as beautiful as any spot we have seen in the past year”, Indeed. The lake is 12 miles wide and the mountains on both sides create a breathtaking border to the scene. Blue sky and humongous clouds are a glorious roof over us and the entire expanse is visually epic. We set the autopilot to go sit on Irene’s bow and take it all in. We gulp in the mountains and savor every detail.

The Adirondacks. A New York farm. The enormous sky.
Along the New York shoreline.

We were headed to one of the most beautiful anchorages on the entire lake, Partridge Harbor, on the New York shore. It’s a tiny natural harbor that is the perfect size for one boat and on that particular day, we were the fortunate one.

Partridge Harbor

David grew up with a west facing window, overlooking Lake Champlain, near the head of his bed. From that window he watched sunrises and the moon rises over the lake. He tells me that he especially loved to watch storms as they developed and moved across the water. As he was growing up, the lake was his families back yard. In warm weather they would walk down to the beach below their house and swim, picnic, fish from the shore, build fires, roast hotdogs and more. In the dead of winter, his father would walk across the ice, sometimes for miles, to ice fish. Always a source of joy and comfort to him as child and as a man.

In the thirty years David and I have been together, we have always had a boat on the lake. For 16 of those years, we lived on her shore. We have met (and seen on NEBO) other cruisers who are spending time this summer exploring Lake Champlain. We are excited for them. We know they will be moved by her fullness of beauty, her pristine shorelines, her swimmable water, her depths, exquisite anchorages, and her life force.

Welcome back. Quaker Smith Point, VT.

I was reading the work of a marine biologist, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, and she references a quote by an historic marine advocate, Sylvia Earle who said: ”We have been fixated on outer space” and that the oceans, the seas, the bodies of water on this planet, these are ”inner space”. It is that and much more. We need to be paying attention to our waters. We have traveled thousands upon thousands of miles, across America’s waterways. We have lived on the lake and had family living in the Caribbean for decades now. We mean it when we say, conserving our planets oceans and waterways means preserving lives and preserving cultures. The future of Earth’s water and waterways is based on what we think, do, believe, and how we act in the now moments. As Ayana Elizabeth Johnson advocates, let’s ”get it right”. Pay attention. The future is listening.

Vermont Shoreline, Shelburne, VT.
6.12.22 In progress.
On the dock at Ladd’s Landing in North Hero, VT.
The Strawberry Moon.
Fishing from the dock.
Taking it in as we head up the Champlain Canal, entering the lake.

As I write this, it is one week ‘til David’s 75th birthday on June 26th. I want to thank all the Water for making this time in his life more vital, the sun for the beautiful color of his face, and time for the lines that reflect his character.

It is also Father’s Day. As we reminisce about our fathers, let’s offer an abundance of gratitude to them for everything. And, to all you dads out there, I wish you a deep appreciation for your mad and crazy ride on this planet. Sending love.


11 thoughts on “Lake Champlain

  1. Diane Burrington

    Welcome home, it is so beautiful, we agree.
    We’ve been driving around taking it all in ourselves. We seem to appreciate it a bit more now that we’ve been away. The lakes, the mountains, the beauty surrounding us is everywhere. We do think we enjoy the best of both worlds.
    Happy Father’s Day David and an early Happy birthday to him also.
    Much love ❤️

  2. perkks

    So glad you are back in Vermont for a bit! We will definitely connect while you are here. Reading your blog made me appreciate this beautiful lake a bit more.
    I would like to wish David a Happy Fathers Day and an early birthday. You have given him the best gift imaginable- his dream.
    Love you Barbara,

  3. Wendy Hobbins McGrath

    Oh so very, very beautiful in every possible way. Welcome home dear ones. Love you so much! ❤️😘😘

    1. Bb

      Oof. Not sure why my response to you is separate. Operator error, obviously. Quoting me (LOL): “Love you right bac,. Funny how we carry places with us; only to find them just as we left them. Lots of lessons and messages coming through around attachment(s). ALL my LOVE, always.” Xoxo

  4. betheship Post author

    Love you right back. Funny how we carry places with us; only to find them just as we left them. Lots of lessons and messages coming through around attachment(s). All my love, always. 🌻

  5. Jane Racoosin

    Only heard about your blog from Lynnette’s podcast! You always have been the best writer. Looking forward to more. Haven’t seen that you, Irene, and David have made it out to Napeague yet (5 miles from Montauk) but would love to see you when you do. Had to find a retreat out here after the stress of the last 2 years. They call it lazy point for a reason. The beauty and calming of the water is incredible.

    1. betheship Post author

      Sooooo nice to hear from you. No doubt, you needed and deserved a sacred space to retreat to. The water has been our sanctuary too. Thank you so much for the kind words. Still, analysis and creating documentation are my two most favorite frameworks for writing. Once, David and I moved a boat for a friend from Connecticut to Block Island- the waters near Montauk were beautiful. If I’m ever there again, I’m reaching out. In the meantime, OCEANS of love to you xoxo

  6. kathyyost01

    So happy you are safely back on Lahe Champlain!  Enjoy your time.  We will probably miss you😢. We moved in last Thursday with movers arriving on Saturday and Sunday an endless task! As always love hearing your voice.  Miss you. Love, Kathy❤️❤️

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

    1. betheship Post author

      Ah 🥲 wish I were there to assist. We will celebrate your move, someday. I know it will be beautiful because you make your places a home. Love love love you and George and Winnie too. Xoxo


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