“A Move Life” (Lucia, age 5)

The entire quote goes like this: ”Hey, when you paint flowers you call it a still life, so when you paint people, you call it a move life”. Lucia is likely graduating from HS this year, but this brilliant linguistic theory never gets old (for me). Now, I actually believe that flowers are fully alive however, people are programmed for movement. Not only our bodies, not only our selves from places to places, but our higher selves and our internal worlds; as in, rising up, moving to new choices, growing emotionally & spiritually, ascending and more.

I’m putting this right here in the BE THE SHIP blog because these concepts have been the main theme of David’s and my discourse over the past few weeks. Why? Because it is what we do and it can be difficult. All this becoming requires energy, it requires vision, it requires power, fierceness, and faith, We rally to literally move the boat as weather and wind permit. We rally to stay physically limber within the confines of a 34 x 12 foot vessel. We rally to keep learning and becoming the beings we think to evolve to be. We rally to release our fears and to rise up, day after day. The remedy is always movement.

And, have we ever been on the move! We left Lady’s Island, SC on May 13 (10 days ago), we have traveled approximately 500 miles. That’s a significant distance for a vessel that moves an average of 8 miles an hour. We have had some very long days on the water. As I write this, we are just south of the Virginia border near Coinjock, NC, where we will spend tonight on a dock. Seven of the last nine nights we have spent anchored out in creeks, at beaches and behind islands.

Some views from anchorages in South Carolina: Cape Romaine National National Wildlife Refuge on the Harbor River; Anendewa Creek; Carolina Beach; and a sideways rainbow at Church Creek (just south of Charleston).

We also anchored at Camp Lajuene again this year and were forced to stay a couple of hours beyond our preferred departure time because the Marines were training in the river that morning. A piece of me appreciates this as my own mum was a marine however; I remain a pacifist who does not subscribe to separation rather, to oneness. I remain in this world, but not of it.

We have crossed some of the most significant bodies of waters on the east coast including the Albermarle Sound, the Alligator River, the Pamlico River, the Neuse River, Bogue Sound, and the Cape Fear River. When things became “a little” suspenseful yesterday with high wind gusts and big waves, on our beam, amid a mass of crabpots crossing Albermarle Sound, David reminded me that we have crossed much vaster bodies of water and encountered tougher seas. Alas, his fervent scolding was ineffective as I continued to whine, off and on, until the very moment we dropped our anchor behind Buck Island. The 8.5 hours underway for that 62 miles really brought out the toddler in me. I wanted joy, right then. Not more glorious challenges to exercise my body and mind. That said, ”We are here, we are here, we are here”, alive and well.

David surveying the scene as we head into Oriental, NC.

We had two nights on a dock at Pawleys Island, SC, where we were able to reconnect with neighbors Eric and Marge, from Marlin Bay in Marathon. They have a home on Pawleys Island and were the most magnificent hosts a person could conjure up. They brought us to their beach house and cooked for us. Marge brought me to the grocery store and pharmacy and they toured us about. People have busy lives and their kindness was appreciated beyond measure. Loved being free with them, moving slowly, enjoying the spaces of Pawleys Island and taking care to stay focused on the good stuff.

These images remind me to take more images. Which reminds me that this wonderful article came across me recently about Ansel Adams and a voyage he took in the 40’s along the Intracoastal Waterway. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What a gifted witness to life he was. His work shines on. Such a bright light in a world in need of light.

Here we go. Off to Coinjock Marina to wash the salt and mud off IRENE, do our laundry, walk on land, eat at a restaurant, say my prayers while tied to a dock, and I think I’ll paint me a picture too.


Remember as you reflect on your own life, you created it. Every thought, each decision, every story, you created that.

4 thoughts on ““A Move Life” (Lucia, age 5)

  1. kathyyost01

    Barbara so nice to hear from you on the blog!  I have been anxious about your journey because of the number of storms with high winds!  I am happy you a sometime on land with friends and that they understood and provided the things that you needed to live your life on water.  I enjoyed all the photos and loved your paintings!🌞 I am always amazed and awed by your courage!  You are entitled to a little whining and a few tears as long as it remains transient and the joy is renewed when you dock. Love you, miss you and admire you voice! Love, Kathy❤️❤️

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  2. Wendy McGrath

    The timing of the blog arriving in my email was definitely cosmic– I woke up this morning thinking about you and wondering where you and David were and a little anxiously starting to review the number of days since your last post. Knowing how well experienced you are now, I will admit that selfishly, I wanted to know how far from Maryland you are and when (fingers and toes crossed!!) I might get to see you! I dearly love your authenticity. Your courage, vulnerability, faith, love, creativity, and willingness to learn, lead, and listen are beyond inspiring. You are a most magnificent gift to this world!

    1. betheship Post author

      💗 Your loving thoughts are always a blessing. 💗 I will let you know asap where we will be as we head up the Chesapeake, later this week and into next! Looking forward to seeing!! xoxoxo


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