This Week on Lake Michigan: WIND~~~

Hello, Tropical Storm.

Looks like we will be staying in Ludington, Michigan for a few more day (or weeks). I’ve never actually seen a forecast like this before. I open the weather app and I’m like, “No way”. So I go to the NOAA site, “No way”….I use the WINDY app….”Can’t be”. Then, I listen to the weather radio and I’m like, “Holy shit”. Just when we had it all planned out to arrive in Chicago by October 1st, the universe and the wind elements conspired with the full Harvest Moon to make us sit tight a while longer. So, here we sit. Here we do all the things, except move the boat.

Oh, and not going to swim either.

This morning I rose around 5:30 to howling wind, pounding rain, and the fairly gentle rocking of the boat on the dock. I did my morning mediation and boiled water for coffee. By the time David rose, all the windows were covered in a thick fog of steam (condensation from the teakettle) and it was a bit otherworldly. He looked around and said- I quote, “I’m going to go lay back down”. Yeah, buddy. You can go lay down for a week. I’m just going to write something in the blog about the wind; though the image of the marine forecast speaks for itself.

Today I am going to walk out to the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater and watch the waves crash. I’m going to take a cab to an actual grocery store and get some delicious ingredients to make a few home cooked meals. (One thing IRENE is blessed with a really nice gas range.) Then I’ll listen to my favorite rainy day playlists while I cook. I am going to think good thoughts and contemplate my North Star. If I have any time left, my Kindle is loaded and so is my Prime Video. Feels like a staycation coming on.

Double this 🧀🧈 🍲
(And, no Kaitie, this will not taste as good with that vegan cheese shit.)

This is my first time trying to embed a playlist from Pandora, where I store music. If you right click on the link, and if it works to get you there, and you like it, you can sing along with me.

And if none of these provoke a joyful noise in you, maybe this little ray of sunshine will-

Isla 🌞

7 thoughts on “This Week on Lake Michigan: WIND~~~

  1. kathyyost01

    Loved your update!  Made me smile and laugh.  As hard as you tried I sensed a  little frustration❤️

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  2. kathyyost01

    Love the update!  Isla was perfect!  Sorry about the weather sounds terrible.  Mac snd cheese yummy I may need to make it soon. Camping in our driveway for 3 weeks!  Tim and family moved into the house.  Life is good. I cannot wait to see you, spoil you with great wine and wonderful food that you do not have to prepare or work hard to obtain!  Looking forward to seeing David too!  I love you. Kathy

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  3. Wendy McGrath

    Yikes! What a forecast! Sounds like you have an excellent plan and I can’t imagine anything better than homemade mac n’ cheese during a big storm. If you haven’t started watching Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin and Martin Short, I highly recommend it for pure entertainment–funny and quirky. XOXOXOXOXOXO


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