Updates and Reflections From Brewerton, NY: July 25th, 2021

On the dock at the Brewerton Boat Yard.


Traveled 1800 Miles since we began on April 22nd in Fort Meyers, Florida.

Put 277 Hours on the engine.

Traversed 9 States: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York (almost through it).

Been stalled 15 nights due to lock closures in the Erie Canal (8 in Amsterdam, NY and 7 in Brewerton, NY). It looks like it may be anywhere from another day to another week before we are on our way. Time will tell. Rain, high water, debris and mechanical issues are the culprits.

We are roughly one third of the way through the Great Loop.

The generator is up and able to run again. The co$t was far less than we anticipated due to the kindness of the mechanics here at the Brewerton Boat Yard who had to take time to “learn” about the machine and trouble shoot with the Cummin’s diesel folks. No charge for learning time. Old school goodness lives here.


In June, on Bald Head Island in North Carolina, David’s sisters, Kathie and Patricia spent an afternoon, evening and morning with us. It was lovely.

Earlier this month, Ronin and Leda, joined us for a portion of the Hudson River and the first 11 locks of the Erie Canal from New Baltimore, NY to Amsterdam, NY. Owen, Dakota and their puppy,, Nardo, visited us to pick the littles up and bring us fresh produce, wine, beer and cheese.

Also, while in Amsterdam, David’s brother, John, and his dear friend Barbie visited us at the marina as they were driving home to Vermont from North Carolina. It was a beautiful afternoon and it was really nice to catch up on the fourth of July family reunion festivities we missed, that were hosted by David’s sister, Kathie, at her home in Maryland and condo in DC. Of course, I forgot to take a snapshot of the four of us 🥸

When we were in Maryland, back in June, we spent four nights at Kathie’s house in St. Michaels when IRENE was having work done on her engine in Oxford, MD. It was quite an indulgent holiday that buoyed us with warmth, beauty, great food, and an in-person visit from best friends, Wendy and Jennie (also my Godchild).

Next month, David’s son Mark, will join him to take the boat from Cleveland to Detroit while I fly out to spend time with Anna, Don and Isla for the first week of Montessori School for our little (Isla) Ray of Sunshine. (Send good energy because at the rate of closure along the canal we will have to move fast and far to make it to Cleveland in time!)


Patty, Kathie, David and me on Bald Head Island. June 2021
Jennie (JT), my GC, and beautiful Wendy (BFF) in St. Michaels, MD. July 2021
Ronin and Leda enjoying life on a boat in Amsterdam, NY. July 2021.


We have a few “regular” readers who share their reflections, best wishes, and love with us by offering us comments on this blog site. They include my sisters Kathy and Patty, my nephew in law, Doug (who also monitors the journey on Google Earth which is very cool), and my dear friend, Wendy. David and I appreciate reading what they have to say to us.

And, we have some regular check in “texters” too, and we are happy to reciprocate. (You know who you are). I kindly refer to all these communications as “postcards”.

A postcard from St. Thomas. Anna, Isla and Emma xoxoxo.
Postcard from North Hero. Two growing boys- Ronin and Nardo.


Yesterday, we polished IRENE from top to bottom and today we tackled the yellow mustache on the hull (discoloration from the water). As you can see from the first image here, we were successful.

We have both been reading a lot, though David more so than me, as I run the roads on my electric scooter doing things like laundry, grocery shopping, picking up take-out 😉 and miscellaneous little things that appeal to me because I am sovereign. I am also near day 300 in A Course in Miracles and am enjoying it immensely.

A day or two ago a few of the locks behind us opened up, as well as a couple of guard gates and locks near Rochester, NY. We are hopeful that we will be on the move again soon. David would leave today, but there is no place to anchor in the Oneida River and we would simply be stuck on a wall a bit ahead of here without electricity. So we wait. And so it is.

All good things in time.

I am reading this series of six books by Baird Spalding and it is so replete with wisdom that I could start a blog dedicated to quotes. It reminds me of one of my favorite poems about “being a list of greater possibilities”. ❤️‍🔥

As my spiritual warrior, friend and life accomplice Erin Galito wrote in her book “Essays of Light”: “Appreciation and gratitude are your anchor, your rock. As you think of what you appreciate, more good thoughts will come to you.” We are thinking beings, after all.

Use your thoughts wisely my friends, and focus them on appreciation.

Wishing you love and light in these light speed times. ✌🏽

12 thoughts on “Updates and Reflections From Brewerton, NY: July 25th, 2021

  1. Wendy McGrath

    When I think about the things I appreciate most in my life, YOU are right up there at the top. The gift of your presence in my life has always felt like a divine offering from the cosmos. May the locks open and the wind be at your back for swift and smooth passing so that you get on that plane to St. Thomas! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. kathyyost01

    I am confident you will make your time up and get to see Anna, Don and of course Isla!♥️ The weather has been a bear for everyone but had certainly impacted you far more then us. My heart is lightened by your blog today. I love reading about your adventure and your reactions to it. As always you are both in m heart and prayers! Stay safe and make up some time!☀️♥️

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Jennifer Tirrell

    We missed seeing you on Lake Champlain but send you best wishes for safe travels thru the canal and on to the Great Lakes! Much love to you and David! ❤️

  4. Douglas

    You at 1/3 through it…. Bravo! And, the down time has allowed you to get “ship shape” clean. Love the Tug pic. Things should open up soon…. Its all open on Google Earth!! The “big lakes” are next! Enjoy! DDD

  5. Diane Burrington

    We are enjoying your updates. We are, at times, mortified at the difficulties you have faced yet there is such beauty surrounding you. Our wish is for less rain in your future travels (July has been challenging). So much to look forward to. Love to you both 💕

  6. perkks

    It sounds like all is going well. It is great that you have had some company. Always nice to see family. I love Mark will travel with David so you can go to see Anna, Don and Isla. ♥️
    I just had a great week with Kyle and Boden. Its always hard to say good bye.
    Love you both. Continued safe travels. ♥️ Patty


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