We Have Been on the Move Again

After the 8 day gratitude hiatus due to rain, high water and canal lock closures, we started moving again on Friday morning. It felt good to feel the air and see the beautiful green landscape of the Mohawk River Valley expanding in front of us. At the same time, damage to markers and floating debris made the cruising slower and more cautious than typical days. GPS prevailed when there were questions and I am adding the iPad to our list of “things we are grateful for” (see last post 🙏🏽).

Also, this!


Friday morning we headed west and made it through 4 locks. We decided to stop in early afternoon even though the weather was lovely, or maybe because it was, and enjoyed a quaint riverside marina wall in St. Johnsville, NY. We watched an abundance of boats, who had all obviously been awaiting the canal reopening, pass by. Lots of waving and horn blowing as we recognized and cheered one another’s good fortune.

Fonda, NY
Approaching a small sized lock.

Saturday morning we got a late start and made it through three locks including #17. 17 has a 41 foot rise and it’s a piece of work to admire and experience. It was difficult to hold my slimy line and manage a good picture so here are some not so good pics-

Gates closed behind us ready to fill up!
Raising us up.

We passed through Little Falls, Herkimer, and opted to stop to Ilion. We could have kept going but frankly, my hands were tired. Holding the lines probably more passionately than I needed to 😅 the cause.

We had a tremendous downpour that lasted all night. This morning’s coffee was enhanced by the sound of a lighter rain on the roof and by the smell of cinnamon raisin toast. It’s the little things.

Emma is visiting Anna, Isla and Don and we have received a few postcards from the islands. Here are a few sweet images to warm up the morning:

Isla & Anna
Captain Isla

Our next goal is Oneida lake which is 4 locks and 60 miles west of here. The world won’t end if we don’t make it there today. Navigating in the rain takes just a bit more time and attention. And so it goes.

Somewhere along the Erie Canal.

8 thoughts on “We Have Been on the Move Again

  1. kathyyost01

    Happy that you are on the move!  Your updates smooth my soul and I admire your fortitude♥️This adventure must give you a better, sweeter, and inspiring feeling toward early explores and navigators that depended on the stars, rudimentary instruments, no charts OMG they must have had souls that were energized and driven by the unknown! I hope you have really strong gloves for the ropes!  The sun has been in short supply this summer.  We just spent 19 days at Lake Ossipee and we had rain15 of those days!  Personally I would not thrive in the northwest!🙄.  Love, love, love the photos of Anna and Isla!  They are both beautiful. Safe travels, know you are loved and missed❌⭕️♥️💫

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

      1. kathyyost01

        Well there is definitely greatness in that!
        I hope you can keep up the stamina it must require! Looking forward to seeing you both and getting to hug you and hear ALL about it! Sending you love and strength😘🍸

  2. perkks

    The rains have been crazy! Glad you are able to move again. There is plenty to be grateful for.
    Love you, Patty

  3. Wendy McGrath

    Sending loads of love your way and loving the posts and photos!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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