The Hudson River

The Hudson connects Manhattan to both the Erie Canal and Lake Erie and the Champlain Canal and Lake Champlain. The tidal waters continue to be strong all the way up to Albany and navigation is generally straightforward, but there are a lot of reasons to also exercise caution and respect the power of the water. As you leave the city behind, the landscape changes dramatically and rural communities, trees, mountains and trains are abundant on both sides of the river. David and I have made this journey on other boats many times and it remains one of both our favorite bodies of water. I’m going to insert many images here from our trip upriver to our current anchorage at Esopus Island just north of Hyde Park, NY. If you have been following along with us you will recognize a vast contrast from the Atlantic, sandy beaches and highly populated shores.

The George Washington Bridge
Palisades Park, NJ
The Tappan Zee Bridge, Piermont, NY
Ossinsing, NY
Bear Mountain Roadway
Train tracks (I made train videos but can’t upload to this site 😏) and an amazing home above.
West Point Military Academy
IRENE in Newburg, NY, taken by a fellow looper. Just north of here is Beacon, NY, longtime home to Pete Seeger and his family. What a beautiful person and amazing, inspiring art he shared with us all. Love.
West side of the Hudson from our anchorage.
The East side from where we sit.

in the next couple of days we will slowly journey to New Baltimore, NY and prepare for our trip west to Buffalo and Lake Erie via the Erie Canal. We had hoped to head west through Champlain and the St. Lawrence and Richelieu Rivers (the Triangle Loop) however; Canada’s border remains closed and our adventure is moving.

We Are All Creators

This time on the water continues to support our inner serenity work and work reflecting below the surface of our beliefs to see who we truly are and to discard the beliefs and things we’d put on pedestals. No shame in releasing the ego but a lot of intentional work; moving from “an idea in the mind of God” to a place of truly knowing we are all creators. We have immense gratitude for this time of self-inquiry and knowing our strength…Love over all, putting fear, anger and sadness back on the egos we are unburdening ourselves of. You can enjoy the miracle of life much better when you experience who you really are and see others as they really are. ❤️‍🔥

Headed within, literally 🙌🏽

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