Oxford, Maryland to Kent Island, Maryland~ Back on the water with the wind and waves

Thursday, David’s sister, Kathie, brought us back to the boat with her SUV piled high with our provisions. She helped us unload and move back aboard. What a trooper xoxo

We spent Thursday night on IRENE in Oxford at Campbell’s Marina. They had done a wonderful job servicing her and gave us a thorough walk through of the work they had completed. What a different feeling when we set early yesterday morning without worrying about the engine temperature and a myriad of other little things.

Once outside Oxford and the Tred Avon River, we turned up into the Big Choptank River and we felt the dramatic impact of the south wind building up the Chesapeake. There were long rolling waves that continued to grow throughout the morning as we heading north up towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. After 4 hours we decided to pull into a marina to sit out the afternoon’s waves.

Underway on the Big Choptank (that’s Tilghman Island off to our starboard side https://tilghmanisland.com/)

We found a marina just off the Chesapeake in Price Creek, Queen Anne’s Marina, on Kent Island (a few miles south of the bridge). Turns out that it is “home” to a lot of incredibly friendly and kind people. From a gentleman on a sailboat who helped us safely dock on a tricky T spot, to the marina manager Tina, sweetheart of kind hearts, who gave us her car to go out to lunch, everyone is nice. Especially sweet is the handsome family that played at their boat all day, crabbing, fishing, and picnicking; four littles with the world’s calmest mama. We could learn a lot from how gently and actively she leads her pack.

Here they are, the pack of littles, Collin, Cole, Callie, Caleb, and their crabs. (IRENE in the background.)

We thought we would be taking off again this morning however; the weather forecast has other plans for us. Also, since learning yesterday that Canada will not be reopening the border until at least July 21st, we feel less in a hurry and have opted to sit out a predicted bad weather afternoon here.

Since there are quite a few commercial fishing boats in and out of the creek, we will likely spend some time to watching them and then later, we will observe the storm- heavy rain with thunder and lightening. This will be our entertainment. Other than that, we will be planning the next legs of the trip, reading and enjoying life on IRENE.

PS: Received these images of Isla via text yesterday. Gotta love her style and smile.

Good bye for now~

5 thoughts on “Oxford, Maryland to Kent Island, Maryland~ Back on the water with the wind and waves

  1. Diane Burrington

    Glad you stopped at such a lovely place with these adorable little people for company. Isla is a dream ! The jeans and boots 🤩

  2. kathyyost01

    Glad you had a great rest, restocked and found a safe place to ride out the weather.  Isla is beyond adorable!  She looks like a happy little girl♥️We will be at Apple Island August 14-Sept. 14 hopping we get to catch you❤️Love your updates.  The family of 4 are cutie pies and happy you enjoyed them. Stay safe, hi to David. Hope to see you soon! ❌⭕️♥️  Kathy

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  3. John

    Well, I was fully immersed in the journey… until the pics of Isla stole the moment – style for sure! After finally navigating to your blog, I am now caught on your wonderful odyssey with all its trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Weather, time, and all that water – wow. Looking forward to your continuing saga; sending love and wishing for fair winds.

  4. Douglas

    Sounds like you had a grand break off the boat. Love the little bits!! Isla is a cutie. Wow, growing fast. DDD


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