We Had a Little Holiday

We took the weekend to enjoy some rest and recuperation from all that we’ve been up to that has brought us to Virginia. We thought we would be farther along by now, but decided, we are right where we needed to be.

We found a delightfully calm marina (with a pool) for the weekend, in the historic section of Hampton, VA- Bluewater Yachting Center. Highly recommend this place to any boater friends. It’s a little off the path from our next destination up the Chesapeake, but a fine place to stop and prepare.

Today we begin to make our way towards St. Michaels, MD, to spend time with family and friends. We also have a planned stop in Oxford, MD, for some maintenance on the engine with a certified Cummins mechanic. In other words, taking our time, focusing on what’s important, and enjoying the ride.

Tons of gratitude for these days and this life. Peace, friends xoxo

#irenethedream on the dock after a storm
Evening light.

4 thoughts on “

  1. kathyyost01

    Nice!  I am glad you a some nice down time in a beautiful place!  Enjoy your time…it’s your time table♥️♥️♥️ All my love, Kathy

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  2. Wendy McGrath

    Gorgeous photos! So glad you are able to have some down time. Can’t wait to see you next week!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. Diane Burrington

    I’m loving the updates on your journey. What an adventure !!
    Enjoy the family time this week.


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