Oriental, NC to Columbia, NC (That’s a Lot of Territory)

From Oriental we had hoped to head 46 miles out the Atlantic to Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks. The weather would not permit it. We will take that route when we return late fall. So we headed up the enormous Neuse River to begin a few day trek across creeks and more rivers that make up the intracoastal waterway.

Crossing the Neuse River in a north wind and big waves.
A wild ride, even for the “bigger girls”.

In the the Neuse we encountered fog, as the air got considerably colder the farther north we went. It was lifting a little when we headed up the Pamlico River finally reaching our anchorage 4 hours later in Hobucken at Eastham Creek. What a beautiful spot- guided to the creek entrance by a bald eagle.

“Turn left.”

It was the first night in the 50’s and it felt like a fall night in Vermont! I think we rose early in the morning not only because the commercial fisherman were out, but also because there was a brilliant sunrise and we wanted hot coffee. We took our time getting ready for a long day up Alligator River Pungo River Canal. 21 miles of the straightest “man-made” waterway I’ve ever seen.

Straight as can be.
Hello 😅

We exited the canal into the beginning of the shallow and wide Alligator River. The wind had shifted and we had to go further than we’d hoped to find a protected creek. Nearly 8 hours from our departure that morning we finally anchored inside Catfish Point. It was spectacular and terrifyingly beautiful. In the midst of calming down and setting in for a sunset, out of nowhere comes a tow boat looking for a “bigger boat” that had run aground. I wish I’d thought to grab my phone when an hour later he emerges from deeper in the creek with a humongous 60 foot trawler in tow. The whole experience was surreal.

(Also, got to FaceTime with the Little’s- Ronin and Leda, and see their new puppy, Nardo, in person. Saw Owen too ❤️❤️❤️❤️.)

Inside the unmarked channel at Catfish Point in the Alligator River, Columbia, NC. Later, a million stars and a red waning moon arrived too.

This morning we took a slow 10 mile run up the Alligator River, through the swing bridge, to the Alligator River Marina. We were on the dock by 10AM 😁 we had IRENE scrubbed, fueled up, laundry done and a beer by noon. Tonight, we rest up and make plans for next leg of this journey.

This is us- tired, but happy. ✌🏽

3 thoughts on “Oriental, NC to Columbia, NC (That’s a Lot of Territory)

  1. kathyyost01

    Great update!  Always anxious to know you are well and moving toward hone❤️  Sounds like you have decided to modify your travel plans for your return.  I love your beautiful descriptions of what you are seeing and feeling.  Thank you for sharing them so eloquently. Glad you got to speak with and see Ronin, Lita and Owen!  Always good to know they are well and missing you. Stay well, looking forward to your next update.All my love to you both.  Kathy

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  2. perkks

    What an adventure you are having! Loving your blogs. You make me feel like I’m there with you. Love you Barbara – continue on with safe travels. Love, Patty


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