900 Mile Behind Us

We took a little technology break the last couple of days and nights, after leaving Mile Hammock Bay, because we were on the move in some confusing waters and some high winds. We left MHB exhausted from the wind and the Marine operation that went late into the night. Our destination was Moorhead City, NC, but when we arrived at the one anchorage that would be safe from a strong south wind and ridiculously abundant shoaling, we were forced to continue northward to Beaufort because the basin at Sugarloaf Island was full. It turns out Beaufort, NC, was where EVERYONE went! There was no space left in the main creek or inlet and the marinas were full. We anchored near a mooring field but were forced to move around sunset when the current became too strong. We ended up tucking in on the other side of the bridge, but never slept. The wind was wild and we headed out at sunrise.

Heading north on the ICW, Adam’s Creek.

This was a fairly quick and beautiful cruise to Oriental, NC. We found a safe anchorage in Greens Creek to protect us from two more days and nights of a very strong (15-25 mph) SW wind. Here we sit.

Looking back towards Oriental Harbor.

We Intend to get back underway on Sunday, May 30th, providing the wind and weather cooperate. These are the days we are grateful for having a generator and AC.

4 thoughts on “900 Mile Behind Us

  1. kathyyost01

    The life is a seaman is not easy and full of fraught!  The down time is as purposeful as the sailing.  Stay safe and enjoy the sunny, calmer daysAll my love, Kathy

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  2. Wendy McGrath

    Sounds like it’s been a very intense week! I hope you can get some R&R this weekend. Sending you so much love and can’t wait to see you when you get a little further north! XOXOXOXO

  3. perkks

    Wow! This trip is testing your true grit…along with the beautiful sites and wonderful memories you are making! Love you. ♥️


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