Charleston Harbor

One view toward Charleston.

It was a very peaceful trip from Church Creek- and then we reached Charleston! What a contrast. From our first approach to the bridge and the ensuing constant parade of power boats with their big wake, loud music, most people apparently out for socializing and sun, we knew “quiet” was history.

View from our anchor.

In retrospect, we would have stayed at a marina, but we wanted to anchor out, and so we did. We literally rocked and rolled all day until the last of the weekend warriors went home for the night. All day, people were literally bringing their boats at full speed through the anchorage and mooring field. It was wild.

Today we head to The Harborage at Ashley Marina, downtown, for a couple of days of exploring the city and tinkering ‘round Irene. Looking forward to seeing the city and finding some local, delicious eateries and walking.

We are a million light years from Wadmalaw, but we only traveled 17 nautical miles to get here.

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