Wadmalaw Island, SC

At sunrise.

Imagine a wide creek surrounded by mud banks on one side and oyster beds on the other, a 7 foot tide and an ebb that is swift, slack is flat calm, and dolphins swimming gently by you. That’s Church Creek. A sacred anchorage at Wadmalaw Island, SC.

The history of this place could break your heart. The beauty of this place can raise your vibration.

church creek

PS: Math 🧮 for a friend-

6 hours from our departure, at an average of 7 nautical miles an hour, at (approximately) 8 miles an hour means we traveled 48 miles to reach Wadmalaw Island. Overall, I estimate we have completed 640 miles of the 3,000 that constitute the Intracoastal Waterway. Gotta get Irene a fit bit or something snazzy like that because I’m always rounding things up 🙏🏽

Charleston bound, people.

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