From Hilton Head, SC, to Lady’s Island, Beaufort, SC~

The winds calmed down and the sun came out and David and I got up early to begin traveling at sunrise. We were off our anchor by 7AM. We had a great three hours journeying across the waves in the Port Royal Sound and along Paris Island (where they “make Marines”). What followed there was a very long period of “no wake” zones where you travel at idle speed due to a multitude of marinas and private homes with docks as you enter the narrower portion of the Beaufort River. As we approached the iconic swing bridge in the city we noticed a drop in our oil pressure and decided to pull over at Lady’s Island Marina to check it out. We aren’t sure if the issue was idling for so long which makes the engine run hotter and the oil thin (causing the PSI to drop) or if it was just an overreaction on our part because we tend to err on the side of caution. At any rate, Lady’s Island Marina is beautiful, clean, and the people are outstanding. I rode my bike to Publix to stock up on fruit, water and other essentials, we had hot showers, I did laundry, and we got sushi!!!!!

We also spent time on the phone with the Cummins diesel folks who were knowledgable and a little helpful- and while we will continue to be mindful of the oil pressure situation, we will likely leave this little island paradise and head towards Charleston. In the event we have an issue, David says, “we’ll just pull over” LOL. I say, “we will turn around and return to Lady’s Island Marina” <3.

May you be healthy, may you be happy, may you be well.

1 thought on “From Hilton Head, SC, to Lady’s Island, Beaufort, SC~

  1. Wendy McGrath

    Super glad to hear that you and David err on the side of caution! We (me, Jennie, and Dan) are loving your posts (Flynn will no doubt join us once baseball and school end). Live you SOOOO much!!! Can’t wait to see you when you make it up this way 😘😘❤️


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