We left Savannah from the Isle of Hope Marina on Wednesday morning as the tide was rising…

It was slow moving through the Skidaway River and quite a stretch of “no wake zones” along the city limits. There are quite a few marinas and we got to see some magnificent *huge vessels along with the Hinckley Service Centers. The upper part of the Savannah River was being dredged by a barge and I missed a turn up a creek which was kind of nerve-racking but we made our way back and around without any troubles.  goal was to make it to a safe anchorage at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, before the rain and wind the weather folks were calling for would start. After we headed up the creek towards South Carolina we had the most beautiful “calm before the storm” ride past Daufuskie Island where the Calibogue Sound and the Cooper River converge. There’s no bridge to Daufuskie but there is a constant stream of ferries that carry people and merchandise back and forth since it’s been colonized  after once being inhabited by descendants of slaves brought from Africa. Based on the water traffic to and from the island, I’d say sadly, development is prevailing. 

We made it to our safe anchoring spot on the Broad Creek between Buck Island and Hilton Head Island just south of the Island Express Bridge. The wind was picking up from the north east and was blowing a good 20 knots as dropped our anchor. The sky didn’t open up for another hour so we celebrated outrunning the storm and hunkered down for a pretty exciting weather night. 

This morning we decided it would be safer to stay on our anchor here at Hilton Head, one more night. The wind is still blowing and gusting and the sky won’t clear up until this evening. We are having a “do little” day- hence the longer than average narrative here. 

Our next destination is likely Beaufort, SC however; there’s always a chance that it will be such a nice day for traveling that we will power on and try to reach Charleston. We’re not in a hurry necessarily but we are also cognizant of the hurricane season beginning and have a few stops to see family and friends that we hope to make too. Stay tuned dear reader; all good things in time.

Lots of working boats along the rivers.
ICW without any wind.
Anchoring at Hilton Head.

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