More Days (But We’ve Stopped Counting)

Along the rivers within the Intracoastal.

I thought it would be simple to find time to write and record here. I neglected to recognize that “cruising”, traveling in this way, is paradoxically beautiful and strenuous. For hours we watch the navigational signs and appreciate all that we see and then, once we “arrive” where we will be anchoring for the night or tie up on a dock at a marina, another round of responsibilities begin. Washing the boat down to get the salt off, adjusting the windows and air, readying the dingy, preparing food, and so on. Alas, it’s not part of my routine yet, to write at regular intervals. This highly imagined blog therefore, is a little malnourished.

Since the “first four days” we have traveled 11 more. We have traveled all the way out of Florida! We stayed in Stuart, Melbourne, Titusville, Fort Pierce, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, and Fernandina. Each one had something to offer, much to admire and be grateful for, but by far, our arrival yesterday at Jekyll Island, GA, was incomparable in its natural beauty. A rocky, narrow entrance to the marina here kept us paying close attention as we made our way however; the white sand beaches, sweet sea grass fields in the marshes and the expansive sky, kept calling our eyes back to them. We decided to stay here for more than one night. Of course, there were challenges along the way- a gust front with 40 mile an hour winds overnight at Fernandina, a wrong turn up a creek that took some time and nerves, an attach of sand fleas at Chicken Island in New Smyrna, some intense humidity in St. Augustine, but that’s life now. Not complaining one bit because we are in a most inspiring place that neither of us knew existed and we are feeling blessed.

Irene tucked in there at high tide.
The restaurant and pool area of the Jekyll Island Marina.
The bridge from Brunswick GA to Jekyll Island at sunset.
And this, the Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, built in 1825. Amazing.

4 thoughts on “More Days (But We’ve Stopped Counting)

  1. Kathleen Yost

    I am enjoying following your adventure. Your writings are beautiful, informative and provide a great insight into how your trip is going. Stay well, enjoy be safe.❤️

  2. Kathleen Yost

    We are enjoying your observations and hope you are both well. Great photos. Know we are thinking of you both.❤️


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