day 40

this morning marks the 40th morning that i have risen to write. it has been a practice that i have enjoyed and easily realized that it has been for my own good. there was no plan or outline for any of it. just rising and writing. it’s all been vaguely familiar and it’s grown organically. the discipline of doing something everyday, upon rising, that is “creative” (beyond making coffee), has been a way of creating an action and applying it to my life in a way that made me think beyond the paragraph or two and infused my thinking to the wider world. to my connected brain. to my vision. to the gifts afforded us all by the divine source of who we are. by All That Is. by love.

today i am imagining what i will write next. how can i improve on my practice and elevate my use of the craft? decisions to be considered. much to ponder. sitting at my table this morning casting my eyes upon the shoreline as daylight breaks i am laughing a bit as i realize that i am starting a new chapter. but it’s a form of brave laughter because it’s unsettling to “not know”. i am going to meditate on this and listen to my inner guidance system about what form the language will take. i know if i am present for listening, it will come to me.

will it be a poem, a prayer or song?

will it be an essay, a chapter or an editorial?

will it be a story, a book or fable?

…a word, a list, a new history?

Chen Chen wrote a book of beautiful narratives brilliantly entitled, “When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities”. i aspire to be a list of further possibilities as i progress, step by step; lesson by lesson; day by day.

stay highly tuned imaginary reader and perhaps we will connect again through words, through ideas, through a shared vision. it’s been a pleasure forty times over. Olegwasi.

somewhere on st. john

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