morning crows

i have crows that visit me. they are residents of this place too. they circle around the spruce trees and they gather outside my kitchen window. they coo and click and caw an ongoing crow communication. i heard a story once about a girl who brought the crows peanuts and other food. the crows started to leave the girl gifts- shiny bits of ribbon, buttons, things that sparkled and tiny found objects. each day they would line up on the telephone wires and click and caw and then descend to get their treats. and they reciprocated.

my crows gift is their constancy. when the sun comes up, they are there by the water and in the trees along the shore. When I take my walk up the driveway, they are calling and circling around the Butternut and the Norway Spruce. they remarkable birds and if this island were a little less wild, and there were telephone lines outside my window, i believe they would sit and wait for me to drop my bread crumbs and hang my suet. they might even bring a gift or two, but the morning crows here are differently reliable and highly spirited. they are a beautiful reminder to be fully present, exercise my free will and to recall to myself over and over, we are never separated.

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