my river Saco

the riverside. the moon at night. the sun by day. the dog. sleeping person. wind in the trees. the smell of curry. my friend. singing out loud. quiet reflection. my notebook. the tea kettle. boats on the water. rainbows. clouds like wings. stars. poetry. laughter. crackling fire. candle light. creamy polenta. coffee and cream. my peonies. barns. fields of grass. vegetable gardens. children. birds outside my window. birds. love. all the acts of kindness. laughter. ramen. lake champlain. the white mountains. the ocean. ladybugs. raspberries. peartrees. spinner dolphins. ronin. leda. isla. gus. memories. my ancestors. books. the wilderness. snow. herbs. salt. wine. flannel. meditation. breathing. smiles. waking. walking. study. practice. dedication. joy. peace. humming. whistling. remembering. all that is. always. my holiness. my salvation.

my kitchen window

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