the depths of our fullness

here we are in the season of all the remembrances heading towards the winter solstice. everywhere there are symbols of holidays and expressions offering “thanks for everything”, come again hospitality. that’s all well and good and as it has been. this season though, i’m wondering dear reader, if you and i can explore something that requires no special decorations, no particular color scheme or spice? not suggesting we skip the sweet potatoes, but feel free to spare a turkey and head right to the couch. get comfortable. close our eyes and in our minds, make some space to acknowledge our selves and dial into our own channel of inner peace. let’s borrow some wisdom in a holiday message from our Arcturian friends: Our wish for all who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday is that they begin to experience the true love and gratitude they carry within. For those who do not celebrate this holiday, the message is the same– November, 2020

little round church on North Hero Island

wishing all a peaceful week that is as sweet as a marshmallow treat, healthy as a green bean salad, spicy as a fritter, smooth as gravy, filling as stuffing, beautiful as a fruit pie, and as satisfying as breaking bread and sharing a meal with someone you love. that includes your holy self.

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