creating a new day

today i am going to look at things differently. i am up hours before dawn and looking out my window at the blackness and have set my mind to watching the sunrise over the horizon with new eyes. lights out, only the glow of the gas stove, warm light from my laptop, and just now the lovely silhouette of the trees along the shore. adjusting my eyes i can faintly see the contour of the shore miles across the water. goose bumps imaginary reader.

as the first lights from homes appear twinkling on that distant shoreline i feel warmth as the people inside that place begin their day. the glow i see with my eyes is also a feeling inside me. i think it is love. it’s love too when when i am surprised by a red flashing light in the middle of faraway skyline sends a signal like a beacon to me. i know it is the light on a wind turbine, high up on Georgia Mountain, and today my eyes read it like a visual Morse code, “Good Morning. Nice to see you again. How about the wind?” How about it! i see the wind. i could hear the wind today, long before i could see it, but as the day is beginning to break open i perceive the wind in the movement of the branches as they reach out to wave “Good-day” to one another. i see the wind on the shades of black and grey across the top of the water pushing it with great force and shaping the beautiful beach that i will walk on later. the rocks that the wind and water have made under my feet. i see the rocks too when i see the wind. the first sign of the sun is tiny patch of pink light that draws a soft line across a piece of sky. it is lovely.

yup. to stop and see things differently is today’s gift to me and to my mind.

the clouds across the way are lifting, little by little. mountains beyond mountains are peeking out. how funny that something as majestic and enormous as a mountain softly peeks out through the clouds. and as the light increases, the white on top of the waves crashing on the east shore is visible and bright. the first bird i see today is a seagull riding the wind along the shoreline. his feathers appear whiter than yesterday. the pink cloud has disappeared and hot pink sunrise is emerging over the mountains, a dusting of snow slightly visible on their peaks. and more twinkling across the way as the world around me is waking up too. i smell their coffee. it must be time for me to rise from this place. gotta a lot of looking at the world differently to accomplish. got some new eyes to astonish. got a world to transform alongside. i love it. thank you, eyes.

God bless this day.

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