cloudy with a chance of awakening

every morning, when i wake up, i look forward to the day ahead and say to myself, “God, bless this day”. now i don’t know what God thinks of this daily request, but it focuses me, makes me feel connected and hopeful, and reminds me that i invent the world i see.

in class this week, my students were reflecting on their current highs and lows and describing the paradox of moments of celebration and contentment while simultaneously feeling anxious, tired and even lonely. what i love about teaching is the way the students repeatedly emerge stronger from challenges, but each new and difficult time, moment to moment, they go through with the full force of their beings. in response, i introduced the concept of “equanimity”. none of them knew what this meant and they were not familiar with the concept, so it was a beautiful teaching moment to have them internalizing a concept related to their internal world that could be most helpful to them now.

the other piece of encounters like this that i feel grateful for is the way they inspire my own sense of creativity and immediately fuel my planning for the next class. which is our next opportunity for our reciprocal learning to continue the ongoing evolution we all go through.

the focus of next week’s class revolves around fluency and comprehension (i teach about literacy). following class, that same night of sharing about equanimity, i dreamed of the class and woke with a new “title” and third focus of class-“Inspiration, Fluency and Comprehension”. the addition of this new focus, “Inspiration” seems like a brilliant and serendipitous means for connecting what literally inspires us to our enthusiasm for teaching and literacy learning… particularly among the young children our teaching practices focus on while buoying our human growth and ascension processes; building our human ways of being stronger, happier and more deeply engaged in the work of teaching. SUPER heady here. blame it on the clouds this morning. blame it on the gray sky. blame it on the freezing temperatures. blame it on the west wind. blame it on the barometric pressure. maybe today is simply a good day for keeping my head in the softness of the clouds.

i’m going to invent myself a great day up here on my little island. wishing you the same, wherever you are.

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