I had dinner last night with a longtime friend that I hadn’t spoken with in a while. We met in a beautiful old mill space that years ago was a place for manufacturing wool. We were seated above the wide and flowing Winooski River. From our perch there we caught up on our families, the work we have been engaged in, and shared the visions we are imagining for the future. We reminisced about what we had created in the past and the power of our beliefs. This all kept me thinking well into today.

A common narrative we keep bumping against is about how “brave” and “courageous” we are by acknowledging and exposing our interior “vulnerability” to the world. And the dominant discourse ventures even further down the vulnerability rabbit hole into the soul of our very beings to suggest that “our vulnerability is core of our human existence” and the place where our “creativity and innovation are born from”. Really?

I know that lately I have been calling “bullshit” on a lot of current issues and a few contemporary rants so I won’t go there with you dear reader, but if we were playing poker, and you went all in on your vulnerableness, I’d bet my entire hand on invulnerability. Just sayin’, deal me in eternal being.

Photo by Cedric Lim Ah Tock on Pexels.com

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