stardust & love

i am at the very beginning of a process of training my mind. it goes that these early days are to be among the most difficult for the ego. in fact, i never truly understood what an ego was for and now i am beginning to see the nature and need for an ego, but also the burden and trickery of one as well. what i really wish is that i could remember the contract i made before i was born into the particular life? (haha- there goes the ego) i’m turning around now and headed back to love which is what i believe, is the general direction where i will discover my life’s purpose. i’m trying to pay attention to the nudges i get from the unknown and the attraction to things that seem intuitive, like little signs urging me to come over and check something out. these are the messages that i am paying attention to and trusting that they are all for me, waking me up.

“Stardust and love” is an excerpt from a quote about what came first in creation that is attributed to Atticus (philosopher, martyr or poet, i’m not sure which one). where it came from, i’m not actually sure, but i love those words together- “stardust and love”. i’m not sure what anything is for, truly, but if “everything is for my own best purpose” then i am going to sit today with my thoughts about beautiful words and how they make me feel. “Stardust and love” and cellar door, wind in the trees, waves on the water, sun in the sky, song in my heart, children laughing, birds eye view, hot coffee, walking each other home, be here now, home cooking, fresh from the garden, cool breeze, boat upon the sea, stars in the sky, message from heaven, good friends, leaves falling, we are “blessed beings indeed”.

once upon a time on Anegada

“In the beginning there was only love and stardust. My heart yearns to begin again.” Atticus

Have the best day ever.

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